Posted in Romance on January 22nd, 2008 by Cynthia Eden

I’ve been tagged by Zoe Winters (I love your name, Zoe!) and now must reveal seven random facts about myself. Since I’m generally pretty random, this shouldn’t be too hard:

Fact one:  My favorite ride at DisneyWorld is The Haunted Mansion.

Fact two:  The two movies I’m looking forward to seeing the most right now are:  Hellboy 2 and Possession.

Fact three:  When I was a kid, I read this book that “told” you how to become a werewolf. I followed the instructions (okay, mostly), but…alas, I did not transform.

Fact four:  Unlike Zoe, I am not a skilled belly dancer. I’ve tried to belly dance. Tried and failed. (I dropped out of my belly dancing class!)

Fact five:  I speak pretty good French, barely any Greek (even though my husband is Greek-American), and a spattering of Spanish (mostly curse words).

Fact six:  I can type over 90 words a minute.

Fact seven:  I love to play board games and DVD games, too. I got my bum handed to me the other night, though, when I was playing Scene It with some friends.

And now…if you’ve just read this post, consider yourself tagged!!!!

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ARC Giveaway–at The Bradford Bunch

Posted in Romance on January 21st, 2008 by Cynthia Eden

I’m blogging over at The Bradford Bunch today–and I’m giving away an autographed HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT Advanced Reader Copy. If you want a chance to win, hop over and leave a comment.

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My ARCs are here!!

Posted in Romance on January 16th, 2008 by Cynthia Eden

What a great day–I got the best present delivered via my FedEx guy…my ARCs are here for HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT.

Too cool.

Now, I hinted before about this–but I’ll just tell you now. Yes, I will be giving away some ARCs in contests. But the folks who get first dibs on all contests–well, those people get my newsletter. Have you signed up?

I can’t believe how close this book is to release. I used to dream about selling to New York, and now that I have, well, I dream about selling more stories. :-)  (And, yep, I’ve finally shaken the holiday schedule and gotten back to writing. My agent has a proposal from me now, and I’ve just started work on another. Ah, the thrill of a new story.)

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I love a good series…

Posted in Romance on January 15th, 2008 by Cynthia Eden

And I’m talking about my addiction over at The HEA Cafe today.

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Preview the Book

Posted in Romance on January 14th, 2008 by Cynthia Eden

Have you visited Preview the Book yet? This site is now on my auto-visit list (and, no, not just because they’ve got my trailer for HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT up and running–though that is very cool). I love the idea of the site–being able to literally preview images for a book, like you get to see when you go to the movies and watch trailers for the coming attractions. Very fun for me. And, while I’ve been hopping around over there, I’ve already added several books to my TBR pile.


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