Mine To Hold

October 21, 2013 – Mine, Book 3

Mine To Hold


She was one man’s obsession…

Nine years ago, Claire Kramer’s lover brutally killed her family, and he tried to kill her. She escaped, but she’s been haunted ever since that attack. Too afraid to trust another man and too worried that her past will catch up with her, Claire never gets too close to anyone. But then she meets Noah York.

He must have her.

Noah York is a man with secrets. The world sees him as a billionaire hotel tycoon, but Noah has a dark and dangerous side. For years, he worked covert military operations before he built his fortune. When it comes to death, Noah is a master. He knows that he should steer clear of Claire, but the white-hot attraction Noah feels for the delicate beauty is instant—and consuming.

He will never let her go.

Someone else is just as consumed by Claire—someone who will kill to possess her. And if Noah can’t stop the hunter in the darkness, he may just lose the one woman that he can’t live without.


Author’s Note: MINE TO HOLD is a dark and sexy romantic suspense novel. It contains a twisted killer, a hot hero, and a heroine who has been pushed to the edge. Adult language and sexy situations are included. Please consider yourself warned. 





His fingers slipped under her chin. Claire flinched at the contact and tried to back away from him. Her elbow rammed into the wall of the elevator. “I don’t…I don’t like to be touched.” The words were sharp. They were also true.


But she hadn’t jerked away from Noah because the press of his fingers brought the usual cold fear.

She’d backed away because his touch had scorched her.

“It’s a pity,” he told her as his hand dropped back to his side. “Because I think that I could enjoy touching you.”

The elevator had stopped. She just realized that. How long had it been still? “Ah, why aren’t the doors opening?”

He glanced at the control panel. “Because I haven’t opened them.”

So he wanted the two of them to be trapped together in that elevator?

“Are you afraid of small spaces?” Noah asked her suddenly.

Claire shook her head.

“Good to know.” He inclined his head. “I’m making a list, you see.”

She was totally lost. “A list?”

He pressed a code into the control panel. The doors opened seconds later. “I’m finding out what scares you. What you like. What you don’t like.”

She hurried from the elevator, but then hesitated on the lush carpet in the hallway. “Why does any of that matter to you?”

He shrugged. “Because it does.”