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UPDATE:  Congratulations, Maria63303! You’re the winner of your choice of one signed copy from my Samhain backlist. E-mail me at marie AT marienicoleryan DOT com with your choice. Please note that my work ranges from mystery/suspense to sensual to erotic, so you might want to check to read about the selections. Love Me if You Can isn’t included…sorry. 

lovemeifyoucan_w3642_680-51First I want to thank Cynthia for the opportunity to participate in her Deadly Days of Summer and tell you about my upcoming August 6th release, LOVE ME IF YOU CAN. It’s amazing the small things which can start the creative juices flowing. Several years ago I was watching Extreme Home Makeover, on ABC when one of the featured families was a blended family of siblings. The parents had passed away—I’ve forgotten the details—and the older siblings abandoned whatever plans they had, got jobs and took care of the younger siblings.

I thought what if the eldest of the siblings was in law school and had to drop out in order to run the family business, a P.I. agency founded by his late father? I envisioned a series of six books, one for each sibling. LOVE ME IF YOU CAN is Scott’s story ten years after the parents’ death. He meets and tangles with Metro Nashville Homicide Detective Tess O’Malley when she comes to investigate him as part of a cold case which rapidly heats up.

Nashville, TN, has been my home town for the last forty years so it was a joy to set this story here. As familiar as I am with the city, I still had to do some “drive-around” research to keep it up-to-date. Obviously it was written and already edited before the 2010 spring flood, but Tess’ building and Scott’s office building would’ve incurred some damage as both are located right down town in historic buildings along First Avenue. The flooding will be addressed in one of the sequels.


Tess took another bite of pizza, her silver gaze never leaving his. “You going to help me out or not? Forbes is your client, after all.” Her voice rose and, again, heads turned in their direction.

“Calm down. I’d like to live long enough to walk you home…and maybe get a good-night kiss.”

Taking a deep breath, she leaned back and signaled everything was cool. “You want to walk me home and kiss me good-night? How sweet.”

Her soft tone mocked him, but he didn’t care.

“Like we’re high school sweethearts.” She wrinkled her nose, but her eyes shone with moderate good humor.

“Would you rather I said what I was really thinking?”

Her lashes fluttered briefly, then she eyeballed him directly. “Maybe. Depends on what you were really thinking.”

He lowered his tone a notch. “About pressing you up against the wall and having my way with you.”

For a second, her gray eyes flashed silver.

Damn. He was a goner—as in, he’d gone too far. Said too much. Too soon.

She leaned forward. “I’ll have you know I don’t engage in up-against-the-wall, wild animal sex on the first date, not that this is even a date.” Her tone was matter-of-fact, but her cheeks flushed a pretty pink. Maybe he could still pull his nuts out of the fire before they went up in smoke.

“A guy can always hope,” he said, without a chance in the world she wouldn’t kick him to the curb. Or have one of her fellow officers do the honors.

“A guy can hold his breath…until he turns purple.”

“I can see I’ve put my foot in it. I’m sorry… But damn, the sight of your mouth. Your skin. Your eyes. Dammit. You’re driving me up a wall.”

“Another reference to the wall? Would that be the same wall?”

“Bad choice of words.”


CONTEST: At the end of the day, I’ll pick a winner from the comments to win a copy of my print backlist. Be sure to check back to see if you’ve won. MNR


You can find out more about me on my web site. You can also find me on Facebook. Currently I’m contracted with Samhain Publishing and The Wild Rose Press. LOVE ME IF YOU CAN will be released from The Wild Rose Press on August 6th. You still have time to enter my August Release Contest.





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The Deadly Days of Summer are coming…

Posted in Contests on May 29th, 2010 by Cynthia Eden

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Cynthia Eden’s Deadly Days of Summer. Join Cynthia Eden at her blog for a non-stop summer party. When: Jun1-August 1, 2010. What: Great guest authors, fabulous prizes, & a fun time. Where: This summer will be long, hot & deadly.

Deadly Fear Share I’ll Be Slaying You

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Month of Monsters

Posted in Contests, Romance on September 25th, 2009 by Cynthia Eden

Month of Monsters, October 1-31, 2009. Ready for some Halloween fun? Come by for Cynthia Eden’s Month of Monsters! Featuring: Fabulous guest authors, awesome prizes, and, of course, monsters. Get your ghoul on!

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Yes, it’s almost time…time for monsters, baby! :-) My Month of Monsters will kick off next Thursday, October 1. I’ve got some wonderful authors scheduled to come in and guest post…here’s just a sampling for the first 7 days:

1—Vivi Anna
2—Leanna Renee Hieber
3—Allie Harrison
4—Angie Fox
5—Jessa Slade
6—Annette McCleave
7—Michele Hauf

So be sure to check in all month long for paranormal posts, excerpts, and Halloween fun! Please spread the word and tell all of your friends! This Halloween party is big enough for everyone.

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30 Days of Demons

Posted in Contests, Romance on June 29th, 2009 by Cynthia Eden

Note: The Daily Demon posts are below–just scroll down.

30 Days of Demons: Books, Prizes, Demons. Time to get your demon on. Some heroes have a really bad side. Niol’s story is coming…6/30/09. ‘Unforgettable’ - RT Book Reviews.

The Book Enter Today! Share Image

MIDNIGHT’S MASTER, the final book in my Midnight trilogy, will be released on June 30th. This book focuses on Niol, the powerful demon first introduced in HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT. Ah, I do love a good demon hero. To celebrate the release of Niol’s book, I’m launching a new contest…30 Days of Demons. This is a two-part contest with a ton of prizes.

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Posted in Contests on March 30th, 2009 by Cynthia Eden

Thank you so much to everyone who entered my IMMORTAL DANGER Contest. I was so thrilled by the participation in this contest–thank you!

Now, I’m sure everyone wants me to get to the big announcement, so here we go!

The winners are:

6th place (your choice of a Cynthia Eden autographed book):  Sena

5th place (your choice of a Cynthia Eden autographed book):  bettyc

4th place (your choice of a Cynthia Eden autographed book):  azteclady

3rd place ($25 gift certificate):  Sami McGee

2nd place ($50 gift certificate): Lucy

1st place ($100 gift certificate):  Gayle O

I will email the winners with full prize details within the next few moments.

Congratulations to all the winners! And, again, thank you to everyone who entered my contest. I received some great vampire photos, too! I’ll have to post some for you all to see soon.  :-)

If you didn’t win and you’d still like a chance for a prize, no worries! I have some more book giveaway going on this week as I celebrate the release of IMMORTAL DANGER. (The release is tomorrow. Tomorrow!)

First up on my giveaways…I’m having a Godiva Week over at Candy Ready’s. She’s interviewed me, she’ll post book excerpts, and, at the end of the week, two commenters at her blog will win autographed books.  So if you have a chance, stop by!

Have a great day!

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