BEWARE OF ME – Coming 7/28/15

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For those of you who have been asking if Ethan Barclay (from my “Dark Obsession” series) will get a story…BEWARE OF ME will be released on 7/28/15.


Criminal. Killer. Monster. Ethan Barclay has been called many things in life, and he usually doesn’t care what people say about him. He’s tough, hard, and brutal when he needs to be. But even the most dangerous of men can have a weakness. Ethan’s weakness has—and always will be—Carly Shay.

Their pasts are tied together—twisted and melded by blood and death. Walking away from Carly was the hardest thing that Ethan ever did, but it was also his one good deed. He knew Carly deserved far better than him, and he wanted her to have a perfect life, a life that didn’t involve paying for Ethan’s sins.

Only now the secrets from their past have been revealed, and Carly’s life is on the line. Ethan’s enemies, Carly’s enemies—the predators are closing in on them. But Ethan isn’t going to let Carly be threatened. He will move heaven and hell to protect her. He won’t lose Carly, not again, and for those foolish enough to try and take her from him…they are about to see just how deadly Ethan truly can be.



BEWARE OF ME is up for pre-order at Amazon and iBooks, and it will soon be listed at all of the other major ebook retailers.

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June Newsletter Winner

Posted in Romance on June 15th, 2015 by Cynthia Eden

Congrats to…Glenda Martillotti! Glenda, you are the winner of the $50 gift card for the month of June. Please email me at info @ to claim your prize.  Thank you!!!

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DEAL WITH THE DEVIL – Available Now!

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DEAL WITH THE DEVIL is out now!! It is available in digital form at all major ebook retailers (Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Google Play, All Romance, and iBooks). For my print readers, a paperback version will soon be available, too!


Eric Pate is used to making his own rules—as the director of the PARA Unit, he is the boss.  Everyone rushes to obey his commands, and no one knows his secrets. No one ever gets too close to him. But then he meetsher.

Ella Lancaster is tired of being a prisoner.  She escaped one hell just to find herself in another, though Eric doesn’t consider her containment with his agents as punishment. He actually thinks it is a form of protection. But Eric is so very wrong. Ella doesn’t need protecting, not for anyone or anything.

When the PARA Unit comes under attack, Ella and Eric both find themselves battling a supernatural beast that they never expected. Forced to join forces, to make a deal, Ella and Eric are soon fighting side-by-side, and their attraction for each other can’t be contained or controlled. Hot. Wild. Consuming.  Ella’s deal with her devil is soon taking over her life.

And as Eric falls deeper and deeper under the mysterious Ella’s spell, his legendary control begins to crack. The beast that he has kept chained so carefully inside rises to the surface. Unfortunately, when the devil loses his control…there is hell to pay.



Here’s an excerpt from DEAL WITH THE DEVIL to get you in the paranormal mood:

DEAL WITH THE DEVIL by Cynthia Eden – Excerpt


“Have you looked long enough?” he asked. His voice was a deep, dark rumble. Sexy.

She didn’t want to find anything about her jailer to be sexy. This attraction she had to him—it was odd.  Unwanted.

But…there.  Instinctive.  Primal.  Even her heart was already beating faster, and not just because she thought escape was at hand. Because he was close, and he stirred her.

Ella lowered her hand away from the glass.  She was going to try logic with him first. She’d plead her case.  Perhaps that tactic would work.

And perhaps not.

“You’ve had plenty of time to look at me,” Ella murmured. “I suppose I thought it was only fair for me to have the same opportunity.”

His jaw hardened. Just a small movement, but she saw it and Ella liked that she’d gotten to him.

“Did you think I didn’t know?  I could feel it when you were close.”  She motioned toward the mirror, then toward the video camera mounted near the ceiling. “I think this was all a bit…much, don’t you?  I mean, I’m locked in. It’s not as if I can plot some terrible wickedness here.”

“You can plot it,” he allowed, “you just can’t carry it out.”

Ella took a step closer to him.

He offered her his hand. “It’s time we were officially introduced. My name is Eric Pate, and I’m in charge of the FBI’s Para Unit.”

She stared at his hand.

The Para Unit. There had been whispers about that group for years.  Government agents who policed the creatures that went bump in the night.  According to the gossip she’d heard, if a supernatural got on the wrong side of the Para Unit, well, that supernatural found his—or her—butt tossed into Purgatory.

Is Purgatory real?

Ella was very much afraid that it was.

“I don’t bite,” Eric murmured. His hand was still offered toward her.

“No.”  Ella cleared her throat. “I think that’s my deal.” Because she didn’t want to show him her fear, she put her hand in his.


Her breath caught in her throat.  And, yes, she still breathed. Her heart still beat, she could still feel pain and pleasure. Despite the tales heard by so many, paranormals were still alive.  They could hurt, they could feel…just like humans.

Ella had thought that the man before her was cold.  Emotionless.  After all, a darkness seemed to cling to him like a shroud, but when they touched—fire seemed to ignite in her hand. Her heart beat even faster, nearly racing out of control.  Her breasts ached, as if wanting, needing a lover’s touch.  And—

She tried to pull away.

But his hand tightened around hers. She could feel the strength in that hand.

“Is something wrong?”

Yes, you’re what’s wrong! The man before her was far from human, no matter what he wanted to pretend. And she should not be reacting to him that way.   His scent wasn’t human. It was just slightly…off.  Everything about him was, yet she was still feeling that pull between them.



To celebrate the release of DEAL WITH THE DEVIL, I will be posting giveaways on my FB page this week. If you have a chance, come by and join the fun!! Have a great day!

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Birthday Week – Sale and Giveaways!!

Posted in Latest News, Romance on June 4th, 2015 by Cynthia Eden

It’s my birthday week…so I thought I would celebrate with a special book sale.  For a limited time, CHARMING THE BEAST is on sale for just .99! (So if you haven’t read this book yet, now is the time!)


And…I’ll also be posting lots of giveaways on my FB page. If you get the chance, come by and join the fun!

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May Newsletter Winner

Posted in Romance on June 1st, 2015 by Cynthia Eden

Congrats to Judy Stone!! Judy is the May newsletter winner!! Judy, please contact me at info @ to claim your prize.


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