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I am so excited to announce that DEADLY FEAR is a RITA finalist for best romantic suspense!  Thank you so much to the judges! And congratulations to all of the other nominees! I am thrilled to be included as a finalist with so many fabulous authors.

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28 responses to “RITA Finalist!”

  1. Dianna Love says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck in NY this summer. :)

  2. Cynthia Eden says:

    Thank you, Dianna!

  3. azteclady says:


    Huge congrats, Ms Eden

  4. infinitieh says:

    Congrats! Woohoo!

  5. Jane says:

    Congrats, Cynthia.

  6. Viki says:


  7. Cynthia Eden says:

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  8. Barb P says:

    Congrats my friend!!!

  9. Diane Sadler says:

    Congratulations! Such wonderful news.

  10. kylie says:

    Congrats! I saw your nomination on Barbara Vey’s blog. Good luck :)

  11. Mary G says:

    Sooo exciting. Congrats. It was a good year for us rom. susp. fans.

  12. Colleen says:

    Congrats! Such wonderful news! 😀

  13. You make a lot of good points on this blog. Keep up the great work.

  14. Katie Reus says:

    So awesome!! Mega congrats! Deadly Fear is one of my faves :)

  15. Michele says:

    So excited for you Cynthia, congratulations!!! Very well deserved, DEADLY FEAR was a nail bitter from the first page to the last.

    When will all the finalists find out who won for their categories?

  16. ChrisS says:

    Congratulations! I just finished reading Deadly Fear this week. You and Deadly Fear deserve it! I can’t wait to read the other two books in the series.

  17. Pam P says:

    Congratulations, Cynthia, you deserve it! Being one of a few of my favorite authors from the Red Sage volumes, I’m happy to see all this success for you, and not surprised,

  18. LindaC says:

    Yay, Cindy! So happy for you! This is a great series of books and this one is definitely a standout!