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Okay, I’ve mentioned this great contest before, but the kickoff day (August 1st) is sneaking up on us, so I wanted to make certain I listed the Brava Novella Contest details again.

So, for any writer who may be interested, here are the rules as taken from the 2007 Brava Novella Contest page:

“The Rules:
1. The 5th annual Brava Novella Contest will begin accepting entries at midnight central time on August 1, 2007 and will cease accepting entries at midnight central time on September 30, 2007.

2. All entries must be made using the online entry form that will be forthcoming. Watch this page and the message board — Contest Forum — for information. No email or snail mail entries will be accepted.

3. Entries will be 750 words (computer count/actual word count) and entrant’s choice of any scene in the novella. Entries over 750 words will be disqualified.

4. This year, for the first time, the contest will have a theme. Entries must be written to the theme of: reunited lovers.

5. All entries will be judged by established Brava authors with the top twenty finalists being judged by Kensington Editorial Director Kate Duffy. As in previous years, there will also be voting by readers with the highest voted entry being named the “Readers’ Choice.”

6. Judging will be held during the month of October with winners announced by November 15, 2007.

7. One entry per person. Open to unpublished authors and those published with houses other than Kensington.

The Reward:

If your 750 word entry is selected as one of the 20 finalists, your entry will be read by Kate Duffy. “

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