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Update: The winner of HIGHLANDER REBORN is…Ashley A! Congrats!

Guest author time!! Have I mentioned how much I love when guests come to visit? Today’s guest is uber nice author LAURA HUNSAKER.  Laura, welcome to the blog!! One lucky commenter to today’s post will win a digital copy of Laura’s new release, HIGHLANDER REBORN.


Hi everyone! I’d like to thank Cynthia for letting me take over swing by her blog. Since I’m here today, I thought we could talk about something fun. Yep, you guessed it, Highlanders.

Why are they so dang popular? Is it the covers with half-naked men in kilts, with all those rippling muscles? Well, yeah, I’m not gonna lie, I do love those covers. But what is it that keeps us glued to the pages?

I’ve always loved Highlanders more than contemporary heroes, like the Italian businessman, or the Greek tycoon, just because the Highlander heroes are the underdog. Bear with me here, I’m not saying they aren’t powerful warriors. What I’m saying is that the clans had to fight to keep what was theirs, and these heroes were outmanned and outgunned by the English.

These warriors had everything taken from them. Their lands, their sovereignty plaids, their music, and in some cases even their names. For them to still rise up, to still want to fight for what’s theirs, amazes me. I wanted to write heroes like that.

In my short story Highlander Reborn, the hero Nevin MacLachlan is a blacksmith who has literally everything taken from him. But his enemy isn’t the English—it’s the Nightkind. Vampires killed his wife, and they’re attacking his village when they take his life too.

Amalia, a vampire queen, sees this and knows she can’t let him die. So she changes him. But what does he do when he wakes up to a life he never wanted?

So I’d love to turn this over to you guys. What type of heroes do you like to read? An alpha male? A hero who is tough when he needs to be but still sensitive enough to cry? A tough man who wields a sword with deadly precision but gentles his touch for his lady? Let me know!





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14 responses to “Laura Hunsaker is in the house–with a HIGHLANDER giveaway…”

  1. Shell says:

    Hi Laura and Cynthia :)

    I love Highlanders but maybe that’s because I’m Scottish! LOL!! But I do love reading any romance or paranormal romance books that have Scottish Characters in it because it’s great to see what their take on Scottish folk is :)

    The type of hero I like reading about is An Alpha Male. I love reading about them because I personaly like the roughness of them and the growling and whatnot.

    Kind Regards,
    Michelle Louise Pratley
    Kelso, Scotland

  2. Colleen says:

    Interesting… a vampire and a highlander… you have me very curious about this book! I enjoy variety in heroes… from all out alpha to the boy next door… just like to see them show us who they are and find their match.

  3. I like aplha heroes, but not the ridiculous over-the-top ones. In-charge, sexy, intelligent and caring.

  4. Cynthia Eden says:

    Thanks for coming by today, Laura! 😉

  5. Viki S. says:

    My favorite is the tortured alpha male. Thank you…..

  6. Diane says:

    A hero who is tough when he needs to be but sensitive enough to cry or hold when needed!
    Thanks for the short blog!

  7. bn100 says:

    I like alpha heroes.

  8. Alexa Bourne says:

    Highlanders rock!!! I love Highlanders from long ago and contemporary Highlanders too! Anybody know where I can get one of my very own?????

  9. Wow everyone, thank you so much!
    I do so love a tortured hero, they are so fun to watch fall in love. The possessive/protective instincts are my favorite traits, and Shell, of course the growling! He can’t be a proper alpha male hero without growling “Mine” at least once, right?

  10. WendyK says:

    I love LOVE highlanders and anything Scottish. For me I love alpha males. Something about those take control tough guys who fall in love just gets me.


  11. Ashley A says:

    I love me a good Highlander!! What is it about a man in a kilt? *sigh* I love me a good Alpha Male too though so alpha highlanders are doubly good!!
    Ashley A

  12. Michele says:

    Highlanders are great alpha heroes!!! Love their strength, honor and the kilts :)

    Thanks for stopping by Laura, off to go check your webpage to read more about your books!!

  13. Regina says:

    I love an alpha male. Strong, sexy, long dark hair, and nice body. Love those that are possessive and protective. I don’t like the tortured stupid type. I like good tortured like Dagus McKelter! Yummy!! Funny I’ve never seen in Highlanders like that in real life, they’re all soft, red, a bald. Maybe that’s why I love reading Highland romance so much. Would somebody please invent a timetime machine and transport me back to the 15 or 1600’s Highlands. PS and if you could find a way for me to take my Starbucks coffee that would be great!!