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Hi, everyone!! I hope you are having a great Thursday!  Today, author Khelsey Jackson is taking over my blog–she’s got a hot new release, and she wanted to share an excerpt with us.  (Thanks for coming by, Khelsey!)




Excerpt from SKYLER TOWER:

He went in the house and as soon as she couldn’t see him her phone went off. She glanced down at the screen and frowned. An unknown caller was calling her, normally she never answered unknown or blocked numbers but with everything that was going on she did.

“Hello?” she answered and prayed her voiced didn’t waver.

“Hello my dear Evangeline.” The other voice changed a few different times, and she knew the other person was using something that morphed their voice. “I took care of one of your men, and have another at my disposal. I wonder what I will do with your sweet Italian.”

She felt her blood drain from her face because this psychopath had the man she loved. She thought of his tender smile and all of the affection he had given her. He was the best thing that had happened to her, and she would die before allowing anything else to happen to him.

“Please don’t hurt him, I will do whatever you want.” Evangeline knew what this person wanted from her, and if it meant Angelo would live then so be it.

“That’s what I was hoping you would say. Meet me at your precious Skyler Tower on the twenty-ninth floor.” The line went dead, and she stared at her bright screen. The twenty-ninth floor was going through a total remodel for her new legal team. She and Hayden had decided to close it down a few weeks ago in order to get everything ready for the lawyers that would handle everything in their company.

She opened the car door and hurried to the driver’s side. James had taken the keys, but she had a spare to all the cars in her purse. She reached in the back and pulled out the set of keys, and started the car. As she pulled out she saw James and Axel running out of her house. A little relief went through her seeing Axel wasn’t hurt but she needed to get to Angelo.

She drove as fast as she could without getting pulled over, and her cell phone rang over and over. She knew Axel was calling her, and he was most likely tracing her but didn’t have time to deal with that. Hopefully, he would make it to her before her crazy stalker killed her.

She parked the car in front of the tower and rushed to the front doors. She pulled out her keys and opened the door. Briefly she wondered how the psychopath got into her tower because she had the best security system money could buy.

She went to the elevator, and it opened right away for her. She got in and pressed number twenty-nine and the closed doors button. Since her car accident, she knew her stalker wasn’t going just to take things easy with her things easy with her. She started to carry pepper spray in her purse, she reached in her purse and put it in the largest pocket. She wanted it to be easy accessible

The doors opened, and her heart raced because she might not make it out of her tower alive. Taking a deep breath, she stepped out of the metal box and started to walk towards the bare floor. She saw someone standing with their back towards her. They were wearing a dark hoodie and dark pants.

Slowly the person that had been making her life hell and tried to kill her turned around. Her heart dropped when she saw who it was. “I’m glad you came alone.”



SKYLER TOWER is available at Amazon, B&N, and iBooks.


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAKhelsey hails from the Sunshine State (California) but moved to Minnesota when she was 11 years old. Her grandmother raised her and her brother. When she was 18 she did what any sane teen would do and moved to the city of sin, Las Vegas NV. There she met her handsome husband and the rest is history. She loves to read, and will read almost anything guess when you have read just about everything, the only next logical step is to write

Author Khelsey Jackson

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  1. Viki S. says:

    Excellent excerpt. I’m intrigued :). Thank you.

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