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In less than a week, the print version of my new Harlequin Intrigue, ABDUCTION, will be on store shelves. So I thought I might chat a little today about the inspiration for that story.

Have you ever heard of the FBI’s CARD Team? CARD stands for Child Abduction Rapid Deployment. CARD Teams stand at the ready to assist in child abduction cases. When I learned about this group of FBI agents, I knew immediately that I had to write a book that featured them. These agents handle some of the most harrowing, painful cases out there–and those cases must take a heavy toll on them.

The heroine of ABDUCTION, Jillian West, was abducted as a child, and it’s because of her own experience that she joined the FBI. Once I had Jill and her motivation down…the rest of the story seemed to write itself.


Want to check out an excerpt from ABDUCTION?

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