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Hi, everyone! I’m starting a new feature here at the blog–each Wednesday, I’ll have author interviews up for your reading fun.  :-)

And for my very first interview, the fabulous Elisabeth Naughton will answer questions for us!


Elisabeth has a fantastic new book out now. STOLEN FURY is a sexy, romantic adventure–and just look at this gorgeous cover!


1.  Hi, Elisbeth!  Thanks for coming by for an interview. Please tell us a bit about yourself and the genre (or genres) that you write.

Hey Cynthia, thanks so much for having me here today!

For those of you who don’t know me, I live in Oregon and write romantic adventure for Dorchester. My first book, STOLEN FURY, (the first in a trilogy) released 12.30.08. The last week has been a little nerve wracking, but very exciting. Tonight is my big launch party in honor of the release, so I’m gearing up for some fun, some socializing and my first book signing.

I also have a new paranormal series which will release in spring 2010. It’s based on the heroes from Greek mythology. I’m very excited about writing both adventure and paranormal.

2. Describe STOLEN FURY in 15 words or less.

Fifteen words….okay, here goes…

To unearth a centuries-old secret, an archaeologist must team up with the rakish thief who’s stolen both an ancient relic and her heart.

I think that was more than 15. Uh oh…failed already….

3. LOL—okay, now use as many words as you’d like to describe your story.

Whew…more I can easily do…

Archaeologist Lisa Maxwell has staked her career on collecting the priceless set of ancient Greek reliefs, the three Furies. She finds the first, Alecto, and while lecturing in Italy, meets Rafe Sullivan, a man who briefly distracts her from her goal. After a passionate seduction, Lisa wakes to an empty bed and, worse yet, an empty safe. But she’s not the kind of woman to get mad, she plans to get even…even if she has to partner up with the sexy scoundrel who swindled her. Together they’re on the run to find the last two Furies. But Lisa soon finds Rafe is the least of her worries. Other treasure hunters are hot on their trail–and they’ll kill to get to the prize first.

4. Which character do you like better from STOLEN FURY—the hero or the heroine?  Why?

Oh, that’s a tough question. Lisa is a real spitfire, doesn’t put up with much and calls it like she sees it. For that I adore her. I think she’s the way I’d like to be but can’t be (because of that whole politically correct thing. LOL).

But Rafe, well, I have a real soft spot for him. He’s a scoundrel. A thief who lies, drugs the heroine and steals from her at the beginning of the book. But underneath he’s a real softie. He’s got layers and reasons for what he does, and this wild attraction toward the heroine he didn’t plan for but can’t seem to get away from. It’s fun to watch him fight what he feels for her, and eventually (because it’s a romance) give in.

Both characters change a lot over the course of the book, and what’s fun is knowing they wouldn’t have changed without meeting the other.

5. What is the most challenging part of being a writer?

For me it’s juggling family and writing. I quit my teaching job after my second was born (I taught junior high science for 8 yrs and now have three kids, ages 9, 6, and almost 4) to be with my kids. I think there’s a part of me that feels I should be happy as a stay at home mom, doing nothing but caring for my children. But I quickly discovered I needed more. That’s when I got serious about writing. I guess you could say I have some mother’s guilt lingering over the fact I’m not the mom volunteering at school all the time, baking cookies right and left and planning fun activities every day after school. However, we’re all built differently, and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to discover a career I love – writing. Yeah, my kids don’t always have dinner on the table right at 5pm, we eat out a lot and I’m never 100% sure what’s happening at school, but I’m modeling to them passion and drive, and I’m showing them what it really means to go after a dream, so I try to remind myself everyday that’s important too.

My kids are very proud of my book (even though Mommy won’t let them read it) and several times this past week I’ve nearly been in tears thinking about their excitement over seeing the book on the store shelf, wanting to take the book to school to show everyone and the way my daughter has “suddenly” decided she wants to be a writer. That’s gone a long way to alleviating some of my guilt…almost. 

6.  In a fight, who would win…Dracula or the wolf-man?  What? This question seems odd? Please, folks are dying to know this answer.

Oh, wolf-man. Easy. Why would people think that’s an odd question?

7.    What’s your favorite scary movie?  Come on, spill.  No explanations—just name it.  Let everyone else guess why.

The Lost Boys

8. Tell me the one thing you wish you’d known about being a writer, um, before you became  a writer.

Only one? Oh, gee…

Okay, let’s see…I wish I had known how much actually goes into being a published author besides writing. That’s something else I’m struggling with right now – mostly the time management aspect of promotion, public relations and edits/revisions/proofing that go into putting a book ‘out there’. I’m lucky right now that I have some awesome deadlines (meaning, not tight at all) so I can focus on promo for STOLEN FURY’s launch. I can’t imagine doing all this and being on deadline right now as well. It’s obviously a skill I’m going to have to learn soon. But for now I’m thankful I have the time to just enjoy this first release without the pressure of writing another book right this minute.

9. What is your writing schedule like?

I generally write at night when the kids are in bed. So 8-midnight is prime writing time for me when I’m in drafting mode. I can edit and do promo during the day with the kids around, but not write. Two days a week (when my youngest is at preschool) I also write, but that’s hit or miss lately it seems as I’ve been doing a lot of promo then as well.

10. Tell me anything you’d like to tell me.  :-)

STOLEN FURY is the first book in a trilogy. The second, STOLEN HEAT, releases August 2009, and the third, STOLEN SEDUCTION, in early 2010. The books are connected by characters, so books two and three focus on secondary characters from STOLEN FURY.

In honor of STOLEN FURY’s release, I’m running a fun, interactive contest on my website. Go to to play. Embark on your very own quest, partner up with a sexy treasure hunting guide and enter to win $100 VISA gift card!

Thanks for participating in the interview, Elisabeth! And have a great time at your launch party! Congratulations!

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15 responses to “An Interview with Elisabeth Naughton”

  1. Willa says:

    Hey – great new feature Cynthia! 😀

    And a great interview! Really looking forward to reading this one, oh and the excerpt you posted on your site . . 😉 I have a copy winging its way to me in lil ole England even as I type. Good luck with the book Elisabeth. Now I just have to get my sticky mitts on it 😀

  2. Cynthia Eden says:

    Hi, Elisabeth! Thanks for being my kick-off interview! I am looking forward to reading this entire trilogy. What great stories!

    And…I’m gonna say Lost Boys is your favorite movie because you love those Corey boys. LOL. I really like that one, too–great vamps!

  3. Lea says:

    Hi Cynthia:

    Great interview, and Elisabeth’s book sounds wonderful. Her contest ROCKS by the way. It is so much fun. :) I am so looking forward to reading “Stolen Fury”.

    I wish you both every success.

    Have a great day.

  4. Edie says:

    Great interview! I read STOLEN FURY, and it’s terrific!

  5. Thanks, Willa. I hope you enjoy the book. It was a lot of fun to write.

  6. Thanks, Cynthia. I hope you enjoy the books.

    And the Corey boys…LOL. It was actually Jason Patrick who did it for me way back when it was first released. Something about his raspy voice, that unshaven jaw and the fact he was a vampire wannabe. LOL (and Keifer Sutherland wasn’t bad either.)

  7. Thanks so much, Lea. I’m glad you had fun with the contest. It was a hoot to put together and I’m afraid I got a little silly there towards the end (coming up with lists…I think one treasure they’re looking for is the secret to the cinnabon cinnamon roll…to promote world peace, of course!)

    Enjoy STOLEN FURY!

  8. I’m SO glad you enjoyed the book, Edie!!

  9. Ashley says:

    Great interview…STOLEN FURY sounds like a terrific combination of adventure and romance!

  10. Thanks, Ashley. And thanks for stopping by!

  11. Karin says:

    What a great interview. I think it’s cute that your kids were so proud they wanted to take your book to school to show it off. That’s just so sweet.

  12. Brandy says:

    Great interview! Can’t wait to read the book.

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  14. Thanks, Karin. It is very cute. The launch party was last night, and this morning my 9 yr old daughter said, “Mom, I’m so proud of you.” Then she stopped and said, “Huh. That sounds weird. Me being proud of you.”

  15. Thanks, Brandy! I hope you enjoy the book!