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I decided it was time for me to come clean about another addiction that I have–I am completely hooked on bargain books at Barnes and Noble. Jeez, it’s bad. Nick literally has to pull me away from them–and as he does it, I’m clutching a handful of books and muttering about how I really, really need that book on haunted England–no, the book on being your own superstar bartender–no, the book on famous criminals from history–and then, at that point, Nick usually sighs and takes my armload of books away so that I can go back and poke around a bit more.

Yep, Nick’s good guy–he sure knows how to keep me happy.

But, honestly, there is a reason for my addiction. I buy these books (currently enough to fill 3 bookcases) because when I see them in the store, I think….hmm, that would be a good reference for a future book.

Oh, yeah, all those bargain books were purchased because I have plans for them. Wonderful, brilliant plans–plans that I truly hope will one day come to fruition.

I plan to write a time travel–so I had to have all those books on the Middle Ages.
I plan to write a story that features ancient Egypt–so I had to get all those books about the pharoahs and archaeology.
I plan to write a romantic suspense–so I definitely had to buy those books about serial killers, crime scenes, and murder planning.

For every book on my shelf, I have a story to go with it.

Now, if I could just find the time to write all those stories…Sigh…

Anybody out there suffer from a similar addiction? Maybe we can form a Bargain Books Anonymous group.

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3 responses to “Another Addiction”

  1. Michelle Diener says:

    Oh, we are so two peas in a pod. I have … um … quite a few research books that have stories waiting to be written but if there were 48 hours in a day I still wouldn’t have enough time. I am about to finish my fantasy (no research books needed there, more’s the pity :)) and start a paranormal historical and I just bought the research books for that. For once justified, because this is my next book, I really do need them now. But I got another idea on the weekend for a book, and I know I’m going to start looking for research books for it, no doubt about it.

  2. Michelle Diener says:

    LOL, just after I posted my first comment, the online bookshop I always use emailed about a sale, so I went in and bought 5 research books on the idea I had over the weekend. Some of the books were ridiculously cheap (that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it :)) The story is set in the Anglo-Zulu War (I grew up in Zululand and studied Zulu at university so it’s a comfortable topic for me), and now I want to stay in a lodge which my sister just told me about situated near one of the major battlefields, and get the owner and local historian (he’s the author of one of the books I bought today) to give me a tour.

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