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Update: Marilyn’s winner is…Sue Brandes! Congrats, Sue!!

It’s such a thrill to get to be part of Cynthia’s Halloween Blog Party today! Thanks so much for letting me join in ;). Because I’m a guest, I wanted to bring along a treat for the party’s host (*waving to Cynthia*) and all her friends…so I brought the drinks! Let me explain why I chose these…

In my new October book, Friday Mornings at Nine, three friends get together weekly for coffee and conversation. They discuss their marriages, their jobs, their lives — just like a lot of suburban moms do. But, one fall morning, after one of the women admits to getting emails from her college ex-boyfriend, they also begin to wonder if they married the right man…which leads to much drama, some humor and a lot of relationship complications.

One of the story’s major turning points takes place at an adults-only Halloween party. (Because, hey, what better backdrop is there for games of romantic pretense, right?) There are costumes, of course. Spooky music. And snacks. Because there’s a fairy-tale theme running throughout the story, too, I had a lot of fun getting to name the foods served at the party: Three Bloody Pigs in a Blanket, Jack and the Bean-Dip, Golden Goose Deviled Eggs and, of course, Poisoned Appletinis!

So, I’m here to raise my glass to all of you Halloween revelers today and share my version (and a couple of variations) of the recipe with you, just in case you’d like to make it for your grown-up friends in the real world while the costumed kidlets are chomping on their candy!

Poisoned Appletini (Marilyn’s pink version):
2 parts vodka
1 part apple schnapps
1 part Cointreau
1 part apple cider
Directions: rim a chilled martini glass with apple-flavored sugar rimmer; mix all the other ingredients with ice; shake and strain into the glass; garnish with a slice of apple.

You can also make it GREEN by substituting the 1 part Cointreau above for 1 part Midori melon liqueur and the 1 part apple cider above with a good squeeze of lime juice.

OR you can go a completely different way with it and make Caramel Appletinis using only 2 parts Bacardi Big Apple Rum and 2 parts butterscotch schnapps and an apple slice garnish.

Sound good? I hope so. What are some of your favorite Halloween snacks? Are you a candy person? (I’ll confess to an Almond Joy addiction.) Popcorn balls? Hot stews or warm cinnamon ciders? Anything with pumpkin? I’d love to hear your faves and will give away one copy of Friday Mornings at Nine (after midnight EST tonight!) to a commenter on today’s post.

Thanks, again, for having me visit, Cynthia, and wishing you all a fabulously frightening Halloweeeeeen!!

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25 responses to “Recipe for Halloween Fun: The Poisoned Appletini”

  1. Cynthia Eden says:

    Marilyn, this is too cool! I will try this poisoned brew right away. :-) Thank you for blogging with me!

  2. sue brandes says:

    Sounds yummy! I love candy! Peanut butter kisses, hersheys, reese’s, m&m’s. Popcorn balls and carmel apples~yummy.

  3. desiree says:

    Warm cinn cider and fresh apple bread or pumpkin bread. Carmel apples are always needed this time of year and chocolate lots of chocolate. My middle son hates chocolate so I get all of his chocolate on Halloween. YUMMY!!! Marilyn you can have all the almond joys we get. For some reason we get lots of those.

  4. Cynthia, thanks so much for having me here! It’s such fun to be part of your Halloween bash ;).

    Sue, oh, yum! I’d forgotten about peanut butter kisses — SO good, although I love ALL Hershey’s Kisses!! I’m too fond of candy…

    Desiree, thank you for the endless Almond Joys!! I *wish* my son would hate chocolate (or even mildly dislike it) because, even when it’s not Halloween, he and my husband are always pestering me to buy chocolaty treats. I can’t resist the temptation… I love pumpkin bread, too :).

  5. Edie Ramer says:

    Snickers, of course. Also pumpkin pie (which I think I’ll make soon — why wait?), apple pie (which my husband makes), and pretty much anything with sugar. lol Of course, chocolate works for any season.

    Don’t put me in the contest, because I have Fridays and I loved it. :)

  6. Robin says:

    Hi Marilyn and Cynthia! Thanks for sharing that awesome drink recipe! Marilyn, Almond Joy is the one candy I don’t like. Which means we could totally trick or treat together and you could have all of them. :) I’m definitely enjoying pumpkin this month – muffins, bread, and those little candy corn pumpkin candies. Happy Halloween!

  7. Edie, I’ve been thinking too much about Snickers bars this week!! I love that you and your husband can make pies! (I cheat and get them from the grocery’s bakery. 😉

    Robin, I’d LOVE that!! Yeah, some people just don’t like the coconut or the combination of the almonds with the chocolate, etc. I promise not to overanalyze your reasons for not liking them and will happily give you candy corns in trade! :)

  8. Jane says:

    Welcome Marilyn,
    I love cider, but I’m always in the mood for Halloween candy. I like the mini Reese’s cups, Twix, Swedish Fish and Snickers.

  9. Nat Cleary says:

    If its international I would love to be entered into the contest, My favorite Halloween snack (or anytime snack)is popcorn with melted chocolate over it, its scrumscious!!!

  10. Valerie says:

    That looks like a yummy drink!!!

    I’m a chocolate fanatic….so anything with chocolate for me please!!!

    in Germany

  11. Jane, thanks for the welcome! Glad you reminded me of the Swedish Fish!! I haven’t had those in ages, and I love them, too ;).

    Nat, yep, it’s open internationally! And I’m *really* going to have to try your melted chocolate on popcorn idea — oh, YUM!!

    Valerie, SAME HERE! Anything with chocolate…anytime :).

  12. cories5 says:

    Can appletinis be considered part of the daily requirement for fruit? They have apple cider in them, yes?

    As silly as it may be, I do have a soft spot for candy corn. I know many people think it’s disgusting, but it was a childhood favorite. Also, Halloween Peeps are fun and great for s’mores.

  13. cories5~LOL!! I love the way you think :). I’m sure that *somewhere* in the dietary guidelines it states that appletinis = fruit… I’ve never used Peeps for s’mores — must try those this year!

  14. Diane Sadler says:

    I go for chips, nothing fancy just plain chips. If I could have when my kids were young I would have taken a few of their bags but I couldn’t.

  15. Yum! That drink sounds delicious! I may have to try it this weekend at a writers retreat I am attending :)

  16. Diane, I have a taste for chips right now! I’m so in the mood for something crunchy…and NOT carrot sticks. :)

    Arianna/Sidney, I’m so glad you liked the sound of it! I hope you do try it — definitely something to get those story thoughts flowing — LOL!

    I’ll be back in a little while (it’s nearing midnight EST) to do the random drawing for the book! 😉

  17. Okay! I just used the random generator for the drawing and got…Sue Brandes! Congratulations ;). I hope you’ll like Friday Mornings at Nine! Please email me with the address you’d like me to send the book to: marilynbrant AT gmail DOT com. I’ll mail it out to you within a week.

    Thanks, again, to Cynthia and all of you for being so welcoming today. Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween next weekend!!

  18. Pam P says:

    I’ve loved Mounds and Almond Joy for years, also Snickers bars, yum.

  19. Pam P~You and I are definitely of one mind!! LOVE all 3 of those…yum!!! :)

  20. Marilyn, I’m allergic to alcohol, but your drink still sounds yum.

    I’m most definitely NOT allergic to chocolate, though. I’m a big baker, and my current favorite is raspberry and white chocolate muffins. I’ve made two batches this week already. Mmmm.

  21. Tonya Kappes says:

    I love a good cany corntini!! It’s so good! Google it and don’t forget to add the candy corn

  22. Michelle, oh, just the SOUND of raspberry and white chocolate muffins has me hungry this morning!! I will be daydreaming about them all weekend… :)

    Tonya, I *did* just Google it!! And I saw the VERY cute glasses (Lolita has them) to put one in — how fun! Thanks so much for the idea 😉 .

  23. dining table says:

    I love the name of this one. Very creepy and perfect for Halloween.

  24. dining table~glad you like the name! I thought it hit the right chord for Halloween, too. :)

  25. sue brandes says:

    Thank you so much Marilyn. Can’t wait to read your book.