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For a while (I am such a procrastinator!), I’ve been planning to create a paranormal quiz, based on the characters that will appear in my upcoming Kensington Brava releases. When I took the lovely Ann Aguirre‘s awesome Grimspace quiz, I became inspired and decided it was time for me to get my butt in gear.

The result? My new quiz:

Creature Feature:  Which paranormal character are you?

Check back tomorrow for a special post about this quiz–and how the quiz could possibly win you an ARC of WHEN HE WAS BAD.

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

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4 responses to “Coming tomorrow…”

  1. Jen H says:

    Creature Feature: Quiz Results

    You like to dance on the dark side. You know there’s a difference between good and evil–you just don’t always care. You’re incredibly powerful and enjoy starting fires with your mind, controlling others, and generally stirring up trouble. Not the minion of the Devil…you answer to no one. Dominant. Strong. Oh, yeah, that’s you–of course, you’re also dangerous as hell and most likely to go power crazy.

    LOL ok that was fun! Happy Valentine’s Day! Jen :)

  2. LOL I’m a demon too.

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