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Update:  Thank you all so much for the release day wishes and the great comments!  I think a lot of you are like me–you like reading about the FBI agents, but you aren’t sure you’d actually like the danger involved with being a real agent. But…there were some brave folks who were up to the challenge!

I randomly selected a winner, and the gift certificate goes to…Jennifer Mathis. Congrats, Jennifer!


Hi, everyone! It’s book release day!  DEADLY HEAT should be in a bookstore near you–or shipping from your favorite online retailer. (The e-book version of the book will be available on 2/1.)

DEADLY HEAT received a rating of 4 1/2 Top Pick from RT BookReviews, and the reviewer noted, “Deadly Heat is seriously hot! Taut conflict mixes with fiery romance to create a winner. Readers will enjoy a rapid-paced induction into the world of firefighters, arsonists and the FBI’s newest division. Deadly Heat offers the perfect amount of tension, character development and action-packed plot!” I sure hope readers enjoy the book as much as she did!

In DEADLY HEAT, fire fighter Lora Spade teams up with FBI Agent Kenton Lake in order to catch a serial arsonist. The attraction between Lora and Kenton is immediate–and it’s almost as explosive as the fires that they must face.

Here’s the blurb:

She wants revenge . . .

Six months after her lover died in an arsonist’s blaze, firefighter Lora Spade calls in the FBI’s elite Serial Services Division to track the elusive killer. When Special Agent Kenton Lake is lured into a violent inferno, Lora pulls him to safety and is stunned – not by the fire, but by her own searing attraction to Kent. For the first time in months, she longs for something other than vengeance.

He wants her . . .

Kenton’s interest in Lora should be purely professional. But one fleeting kiss and he can’t get her out of his mind. Her combination of strength and vulnerability makes him want to protect her, and that means solving this case – and fast. For even the passion igniting between them can’t hide a terrifying truth: Lora is the next target in a murderer’s sadistic, fiery game.

A vicious killer wants only . . .



Since I’m celebrating the release, I think that means we need a giveaway.  Want to win a $20 gift certificate? Then tell me why you would or wouldn’t make a good FBI Agent.  Maybe you should join the SSD!

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133 responses to “DEADLY HEAT is out! And Giveaway Time!”

  1. Stacie says:

    Oh no. I would be a TERRIBLE FBI Agent. First, I’m afraid of guns. Yeah that would be a problem. Also I don’t think I could handle seeing the worst in people (criminals) on a daily basis. Great question!

    Good luck with the new release!

  2. Mary Preston says:

    I can’t see myself as an FBI agent. I would not want to be faced with some deadly decisions.

  3. Viki S. says:

    Even though I don’t think I’d like being an FBI agent, I’d likely be a good one. I am an engineer so I have a scientific mind. Also, the Glock and I are good friends.

    Congratulations on today’s release.

  4. Anne says:

    Congratulations on your second release in the series!

    I would be a good FBI agent in regards to the paperwork since I am organized and anal about that kind of stuff. I would not be good in the field. I don’t think things through enough and see the various possibly outcomes.

  5. Daniela Caldarola says:

    HA! I would NOT be a good FBI agent! Things happen around me and I am oblivious! Can you imagine? I would probably be in the Appledumpling Gang of FBI!

    However, I LOVE to read about a tough FBI agent! I love their analitical minds and how they catch every little detail! They are the alphas of our society!

  6. Edie Ramer says:

    I would be an awful FBI agent. I’m too independent, and I’m sure that’s not a quality they want. I’d be a renegade.

    I’m so eager to read Deadly Heat! The first thing I’ll do on Feb. 1st is buy it on my Kindle.

  7. Chris S says:

    Oh I wish… Being an FBI agent sounds interesting and exciting and my organizational and investigational skills would be a big asset. However, I could see myself getting emotionally involved and my compassion would do me in. (big sigh…) I think it’s better that I just read about them.

  8. CrystalGB says:

    Happy Release Day! I don’t think I would make a good FBI agent. I am too introverted and would have a hard time dealing with dangerous situations.

  9. I think that I would make a great behind the scenes FBI agent. I could work in forensics or as a profiler, but forensics would be my preference.

  10. Maureen says:

    I don’t know that I would make a good FBI agent since there are so many rules you have to follow in order to convict someone.

  11. Jocelyn G says:

    Oh no! Can’t be an FBI agent! I’m too emotional and I suffer from vasovagal syncope, the sight of blood being one of the triggers. I love reading about FBI agents though and I can’t wait to read DEADLY HEAT. The Kindle edition doesn’t come out till Feb. 1 but I already have it pre-ordered. One more week!!!

  12. Jasmine says:

    First off I would probably not even last one minute as an FBI. 3 resons why.
    1. I fall a lot since I trip on my own feet everyday.
    2. I would blow everyones cover
    3. I just emotionally involved and my compassion would get me fired.

  13. TEWANDA says:

    In order for me to be a good FBI agent I would have to be someone who works behind the scenes working in forensics.

  14. Tamara Shurling says:

    I would make a great FBI agent! I love researching and investigating and would love to bring down the bad guys!

  15. Sarah Ulfers says:

    I do’nt think they would let me be an agent since my scitso- effective diagnosis. I could be a crazy side-kick though.

  16. Stephanie G says:

    Happy release day!! I wouldn’t make a very good FBI agent. The danger and long hours would be too much for me.

  17. Jean says:

    Happy release day. I don’t think I would make a good FBI agent, I have a tendency to rush into things, I wouldn’t take the time to think things through.

  18. NovelWhore says:

    While I LOVE reading about FBI agents, I tend to be accident prone, totally clumsy, and my whisper is far louder than I think so would completely give away any hiding spot while tracking down the bad guys. And the last time I saw blood I fainted (embarrassing). Definitely think I will have no badges in my future!

  19. Regina Shiderly says:

    I think I’d make a horrible agent! I’m way to emotional, I cry over commercials with babies and laughing bunny rabbits! I adore reading about FBI agents, though, especially yours! Deadly Fear was soooo good, I loved it!

  20. Margay says:

    I think I’d be good at the investigating part because I love research and digging into things.

  21. Andrea I says:

    I know I wouldn’t be a good one. I’m oblivious to things around me at times, driving to work on automatic and not remembering much about the drive.

    Guns wouldn’t bother me even though I don’t have one.

    I’m not very outgoing.

  22. Christiana says:

    Good Morning Cynthia, First I am looking forward to this book so much, It has two of my favorite things in it, Firefighters, and cops.

    As to your question, The FBI wouldn’t want me.

    I learned how to shoot early on (high school,) but I panic in the face of blood, especially my own. I am great at digging into things that are none of my business, but quick to think guilty, and a true investigator in my opinion should be able to keep their opinion out of their work. Then there is that whole attracted to bad guys problem I have going on, In law enforcement your supposed to bring down the bad guys, not fall for the bad guys. On the other hand, I love the forensics side, and playing with chemistry, so there might be a place that I could fit in.

  23. Teri C says:

    I would not make a good FBI agent until 15 years from now when my kids are all grown, but I would kick arse in 20 years from now!

  24. Kaya H says:

    If I worked the night shift FBI I would rock. I would not rock the morning shift because I enjoy mu slumber and loath alarms.

  25. Whitney says:

    Mentally I probably would have made a good Agent but physically I would never make the cut, You have to truly be in good shape and I have been restricted in my activities since I was 8 yrs. old. I can shot a gun and since I prefer animals to most people the target wouldn’t bother me. Now if you were asking about hunting…No Way! Surprised????

  26. cheryl c. says:

    I am too much of a scaredy-cat to be an FBI agent!:-0

  27. Jillian says:

    HEY!! Happy release day!!! I’d be a good FBI agent because I aced the 4 hour test in 2 hours back in 1984- just didn’t get an offer as I was not a minority! I’d also be a good one ’cause I’m kick ass bad!! LOL!

  28. I would make a horrible Agent! The things they have to see and experience would just rip my heart to shreds.

  29. Leagh Christensen says:

    No way I could be a FBI agent. That requires waaay too much work, lol. I am more of a laid back go at my own pace kind of a worker. Too much pressure also, I would probably freak out. Oh and did I mention I am an intensely emotional person…I could never see that kind of stuff, I would spend every day balling my eyes out feeling sorry for everyone.

  30. Kim Connor says:

    I’d be a terrible FBI agent as well.. Don’t like guns and don’t like all the scary drama! Just couldn’t do it.. Happy release day Cynthia! Enjoy..

  31. Karin says:

    As long as I’m not a field agent, I might make a decent FBI agent. Most of that has to do with my love of solving riddles, puzzles, and anything else I can get my hands on. Figuring out trails and tracking something, or someone down would be an interesting way of expanding that and what I’ve been told is my interesting way of looking at things to solve them. However, that would only be as long as I could do that from an office, either a field office or a home office with sattelite link ups. If I actually had to be in the field I have a feeling I’d be pretty awful.

  32. Jeanette Juan says:

    I wouldn’t be a good FBI Agent because I’m not sneaky enough or brave enough to shoot a gun if necessary.

  33. Stephanie M says:

    I would be a bad FBI agent. I cannot hit anything. I hate mysteries. Happy release day!

  34. Colleen says:

    Do not see myself as FBI material… do not care for guns and not really the action type of person… rather read about FBI agents!
    Happy Release Day!!! 😀

  35. elaing8 says:

    I would make a horrible FBI agent.They’d take one look at me and deny me entry on the spot. I’m 100lbs soaking wet.The bad guys would take me out in a second..the guns kick back alone would probably knock me over lol

  36. Lynn Rush says:

    I think it would be AWESOME to be an agent. In high school, college & grad school, I studied psychology. At first I wanted to be the next Jodie Foster (Silence of the Lambs.) I so could NOT hack it, though. I can’t shoot a gun or take down a strong villain….I’m too much of a wimp. So I went into counseling instead. LOL.

    Happy release day. How exciting. Enjoy it!!

  37. Melanie S. says:

    *cough* I wouldn’t be a good agent, because of the secrets – although I wouldn’t spell them my expression would give me away…

    congrats on the release!!! can’t wait to get my hands on it, it’s preordered and I should get it tomorrow or the day after *keepingmyfingerscrossed*

  38. donnas says:

    I really wouldnt be a good one. While I like to read and watch all the drama and action. Thats about as close as I like to get.

  39. Valerie says:

    I wouldn’t make a good FBI agent for sure. I hate guns..but if I had a hunk for a partner, I could hide behind him…right???

    in Germany

  40. Ilona says:

    I would be a terrible FBI agent – I probably wouldn’t even remember the case let alone solve it with my memory :S

  41. Laurie says:

    I would be a pitiful agent – they’d stick me with phone duty and providing office snacks. I’m a softie and would be suckered in by every sob story I was told.

    I’m not half bad shooting targets though, maybe I could be a sniper – with my eyes closed? lol

  42. annalisa mck. says:

    I definitely would not be a good FBI agent. I do not like guns!

  43. Pat Cochran says:

    I would be a terrible FBI agent for several reasons.
    One is that I can never remember to release the safety
    on the handgun. Secondly, I do not drive and I just have the feeling the agency wouldn’t give me a driver of my very
    own! Thirdly, at age 74 I think I’m just a teeny-weeny bit
    over the age limit! Now I have a cousin, there would be a
    good agent for you!

    Pat Cochran

  44. Taylor Z says:

    Fbi agent? Hm.. Maybe. I can see myself with the character, but i can’t see myself in the outfit, seeing as i’m not that fit. But, i can also just work desk or something. Congrats on the release!

    –Taylor Z

  45. Kirsten says:

    I’m too big a coward for field work. I think I would be good behind the scenes…checking out facts. Sending the agents into danger while I wait and hope for a good outcome 😉

  46. Jane says:

    Happy Release Day, Cynthia. I would like to think I would make a great agent, I’m not sure I can handle the physical aspects of the job. I’m not big or strong, but I might be able to handle it if I learned some martial arts.

  47. Michele says:

    Happy Release Day Cynthia :) Hope you are having an awesome day today. Very excited about getting my copy tonight on my way home. I can remember when you first started to blog about all the research you did for this book and the day is finally here :)

    Hmmm, I think I would be a pretty good agent. I love to figure out things and will analyze something till I figure it out. I probably would make a better agent inside then I would being a field agent.

    • Cynthia Eden says:

      Thank you, Michele! I’m excited that the release day is here, and I hope you enjoy the book! I learned so much while researching–some scary facts, some fun info.

  48. Susan R says:

    Hmmm…. on one hand, I am very good under pressure so that would be good for this job.

    But I am out of shape and hate pain, so that part of the job I wouldn’t be able to do. Oh, and I am a terrible liar, so that would be a problem!

    Happy release day!!

  49. Angela says:

    Hi Cynthia, happy release day! Been very excited to get my copy of this book :)

    Not sure I would make a good FBI agent. Scared of guns and not a very good detective. I think I will just stick to my day job :)

  50. Chelsea B. says:

    I wouldn’t because I don’t think I couod handle the stress!