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(First, let me say…I’ve been a bad blogger.  Sorry!  Got caught up in copy-edits.  And Magnificent M, they are winging their way to you!)

Today, I’ve been thinking a bit about the dedications that authors place in books. Maybe it’s just me, but I always read dedications.  Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are sweet, and sometimes they make me a little sniffly. (Sorry–I can be a sniffly gal!!)

Do you read the dedications in books?  Why or why not?  (I’m a curious one, as well as being sniffly.)

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4 responses to “Dedications”

  1. Edie says:

    I always read acknowledgments. I can remember the first time I saw my name, in Allison Brennan’s book, The Hunt. I was thrilled.

    I don’t know why I read them. Curious, I guess.

  2. Hi Cynthia! I love to read dedications and acknowledgments. Not sure why, I just always do. Lol. 😀

  3. Cynthia Eden says:

    Curiosity makes me do things all the time, Edie!

    Hi, Yolanda! So glad to know I’m not alone! I love those dedications.

  4. I read them too. All the time. I love reading a snipped of the author’s personal life.