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Twelve Days of Writing

Day Eleven:  Goals

It is the absolute perfect time of the year to talk about writing goals. Why? Well, because a brand, spanking new year is just around the corner. A clean slate just waiting. If you want to set some writing goals for yourself, then this is the time to do it! Set those goals (start ’em now, or determine to start ’em with the dawn of the New Year).

I set a 10 pages/day goal for myself when I’m doing a project, but different people require different goals. If you’ve got a full-time job, three kids, a house to clean–heck, you might only be able to manage 15-20 minutes a day. But you can still manage that 15-20 minutes. If you get 15 minutes a day, seven days a week, 4 weeks a month…(okay, I think you’re getting the idea)…you will be able to write a book.

So, set a goal that will work for you.  Three pages a day. Five. Twenty. (Yeah, I just threw that last one out there, but some writers I know do churn out that many pages. My mind would be mush if I wrote that many pages each day.)  Set a goal. Stick to the goal.

Good luck!

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One response to “Goals”

  1. Edie says:

    Ten pages is good for me once I’ve started a book. But there’s the revisions, the plotting, the sending out. I set a goal to write 3 books next year. That’s 4 months writing, revising, etc.

    Right now I’m on my 3rd revision, and I’m trying to go over 3 chapters a day. It’s crazy now with all the Christmas stuff. And I went over a CP’s sub today and last night. I’m expecting a sub from another CP soon. Sunday we’ll be busy the whole day and I’ll be lucky to check my email. I’ll try hard to make it. Except for Sunday, lol.