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So today is the second Friday the 13th of 2009.  I don’t know about you, but my bad luck began early.  :-)  I hope everyone else out there has a good day. Meanwhile, I’ll be taking my broken glasses, torn contact lenses, and heading to the eye doctor! Ah!

Some people I know really get worked up about Friday the 13th. Cause some of them, yep, they are very superstitious.  Growing up, there was one superstition that my family literally thought of as death’s kiss. If anyone in my family–my mom, any of her sisters, my grandmother–dreamed of water, then the phone calls started.  They had to check to make certain that everyone was okay. Because to them, water equaled death. The really creepy thing?  Sometimes, they were right.

Do you have any superstitions that you follow?  Or that your friends follow?  Despite me being, well, a paranormal freak, I don’t really have any.  Sure, I try not to break any mirrors but I’m not the salt throwing type. I guess if I have a really bad dream,I don’t talk about it before breakfast (another lesson learned from my family), but that may be it.

If you’ve got a superstition you follow, share it with me. I am so curious about these things!

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10 responses to “Good luck, today!”

  1. My great aunts and uncles always believed that if you hit a bird with your truck or car someone in your family was going to die within the next few days. To this day I serve to miss hitting the deadly creatures! I totally believe it!

  2. Lisa Freeman says:

    I’m not really superstitious but my bad luck happened when my college freshmen called needing more money. I hope one day soon he learns how to budget better. His dad is such a softie he’ll probably give in to him. I keep telling him that he’s enabling our son not to budget his money.

  3. Edie says:

    Though I don’t have Jennifer’s superstition, I avoid hitting birds with my car, too. And rabbits, squirrels, deers… I also avoid walking under ladders. If there’s no other way to go, I scuttle under them, scrunched over, as fast as I can. I don’t really think anything will happen, it’s just something I do.

    Otherwise I don’t really have superstitions. I have good luck talisman’s, but that’s a different subject.

  4. azteclady says:

    I don’t really have any, but my family on my mother’s side? Yikes! Here are a few:

    Lemme see… if you drop a knife, someone you don’t like will show up at your house unannounced. But if you put a broom behind the door before you open the door, they’ll leave quickly. 😀

    If a bride wears pearls, her marriage will bring her countless tears.

    If a woman keeps her wedding dress in her house, she’ll be unhappy in her marriage.

    If a woman knits a sweater, a vest, or similar for her love interest, the relationship will bring her pain (but hats, scarves and gloves are okay–don’t ask)

    When I lived in Caracas, I heard several more–here’re two:

    Never hand scissors, knives, needles or other sharp implements to friends or family, or the relationship will sour. Instead, put them on a surface for the other person to pick up.

    At the strike of midnight on New Year’s Eve, grab a suitcase or travel bag, bid goodbye to all present, and “leave” (crossing the threshold is enough), so that the new year brings you travel opportunities.

  5. Rhonda says:

    Ladders, black cats, knives, itches, washing clothes on New Years Day, you name my great aunt believed it!

  6. Michele says:

    Was told growing up that if a black cat crossed in front of you to make the sign of the cross to ward off bad luck. I just try to avoid black cats all together :)

  7. Brandy says:

    Okay, so I toss spilled salt and knock on wood. But, the whole black cat thing? I would so be in trouble! We have a black kitty and he crosses where ever he wants, inside at least. *G* And ladders? That’s just common sense!

  8. Cynthia Eden says:

    Jennifer, I’m swerving for those guys, too!!

    LOL, Lisa, sorry for your bad luck!

    Aw, Edie, good luck talisman’s…sounds like another blog topic! Thanks for the suggestion? I used to keep amethyst on my desk for luck (and protection).

    Wow, Azteclady–those are awesome! I know what I’m gonna be doing come New Year’s. :-)

    Hi, Rhonda! Hmmmm…do we share an aunt?

    Now, see, Michele, I’m just the opposite with the black cats–I love ’em!

    Brandy, I haven’t ever tossed salt, but, after watching all the Supernatural episodes, the temptation does come up now and again. :-)

    Thanks for the comments, ladies!

  9. Jess Granger says:

    I’m really not a superstitious person. I really don’t get worked up about stuff like that, though I have been known to wish on a falling star.

    So, if hitting birds is a harbinger of death, what happens when you see one drop dead out of the sky? That happened to my brother once. This pigeon just stopped and fell. Boom. That’s freaky.


  10. Jody W. says:

    My only superstition is if 2 bad things happen, there’s probably a 3rd one lurking as well, so watch out!