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Update: Thank you for sharing with me!! :) I randomly picked our winner, and that commenter is…Nadia. Congrats, Nadia! I will email you with prize claim information!  Thanks, again! 

May your day be filled with chocolate, roses, and fun!

And may your hero be a truly charming guy…and, um, not a lady killer. 😉

If you’re planning a special Valentine’s Day, please share with me! I will pick one random commenter to win a $15 Amazon.com gift card!

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48 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!!! (With Giveaway)”

  1. Crystal Mital says:

    Hubby is taking me to a “new to us” greek restaurant, then maybe we’ll take in a movie. Haven’t decided definitely about that. May just come on home instead and snuggle on the couch!

  2. Nicole Kuhn says:

    I’m going to spend my Valentines working, then curling up on the couch with my 2 yr old to watch Cinderella :)

  3. Nadene Reynolds says:

    My plans for Valentine’s Day is to curl up in bed with a good book and some scrumptious chocolate.

  4. Mina Khan says:

    My plan’s for Valentine’s include: watching Bruce Willis in the new Die Hard movie, a nice lunch, attending the local 1 Billion Rising event to protest against violence, yoga and starting your book DIE FOR ME (love the cover!!!)

  5. Jennifer says:

    I purchased a few dozen wood roses to give to my customers today! Hope to bring a few smiles to those with and without valentines this year!

  6. Michelle says:

    We are going to cook a nice meal at home and drink some wine. After the kids go to bed, we have preschoolers, we will drink a little more wine. :) There may be kissing. It IS Valentine’s day, after all.

  7. Stephanie D says:

    Going to spend the early part with my son who is the love of my life…later part I will be escaping with a good book!! Happy Love Day!

  8. Angela C. says:

    I have to go to my pool league tonight, but plan to leave early and curl up in my bed with a great book :)

  9. Jaq DeGuerre says:

    Well, it’s not fun, and kinda a downer, but I’m planning on sitting in the hospital with my husband who has brain cancer and was admitted yesterday after a series of seizures. He’s doing really well this morning, and they gave him some good medicine to stop the seizures.

  10. Pamk says:

    May rent a movie and have dinner at home with my boys and watch a movie. Have a bottle of wine we might open to share. Oldest son will be upset he has to work and he really want a glass lol. Hubby will cook so that will be my treat from him.

  11. Michele says:

    Going to spend the night with the family… we have it all planned out, going to order in pizza and eat it by candlelight. My son thought we should have chocolate hearts and apples for dessert, should be a great night :)

  12. sue ellen says:

    We usually never do anything on Valentine because of the crowds.but this weekend he is taking me to go to redlobster and then were going to watch BEAUTIFUL CREATURES. :)

  13. Chris Bails says:

    Our usual babysitter is doing something for Valentines Day, so we are doing something as a family. We are gonna have dinner and then go to the movie. The kids are excited.

  14. Taylor Z says:

    Sadly my plans include going to work. Nothing special :(
    -Taylor Z

  15. Jennifer Essad says:

    My husband gave me roses two days ago so I could enjoy them, we exchanged cards last night and today we will enjoy a nice dinner on the patio under the stars (I hope) Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  16. Nadia says:

    My single girlfriends and I are planning an anti-valentines day with action movies, mani’s and pedi’s, italien dinner, then going into town and have a girls night with dancing! :)

  17. Kathy Webb says:

    I am going home from work and I am sure that my man is cooking me a “special” dinner :) :) He loves to cook and I love to eat! LOL Have a Happy Valentine Day Friend!

    Kathy aka mrsworldwidewebb :) :)

  18. Texas Book Lover says:

    Nothing special for my hubby and I. It is parents night at our daughters dance classes tonight so we will be running back and forth to those classes and trying to fit in dinner and homework in between! Busy, busy, busy just the way we like it!

  19. may says:

    not much… just staying home…

  20. Kris Lowe says:

    Well, all three of my kiddos are out of school and I have homework to finish and finals to study for today. But tonight, hubby made reservations somewhere new so I get to dress up and have a grown up date!


  21. Sue Peace says:

    Unfortunately no big plans here!!! I’m heading to bed after yet another night shift…then will feel too awful when I wake up to do anything tonight!!

  22. Amy R says:

    Cynthia, I think you have ruined roses for me. Just saying. I WANTED roses for V-Day but after finishing Die For Me last night I don’t think so. My husband and I don’t have any big plans since we have our kids with us tonight. I just hope to get them to bed early so my husband and I can have some time alone. We have already planned another date night to celebrate though.

  23. Colleen says:

    Nothing special for me… just made some cards to give to family members. Happy Valentine’s All! 😀

  24. JoAnna B says:

    Nothing special going on with me. Actually we had flooding in our house so I get to take a break from cleaning up some of that mess tonight!
    Happy Vanlentine’s day!!!

  25. Audi says:

    Making my hubby his favorite meal, a little surf and turf. Then watching a movie, then off to bed :)

  26. Stacey Marin says:

    Talking to my boyfriend tonight on the phone. :)

  27. Jason says:

    My girlfriend, who’s 34, has never has a Valentine on Valentine’s Day. So I arranged to have white roses delivered to her salon along with some balloons and other various knick-knacks that I know will make her smile.

  28. elaing8 says:

    My plans are watching Vampire Diaries and Grey’s Anatomy :)
    So no big plans here.

  29. Nar says:

    I’ll be working and then go to a bookstore.

  30. Marcia says:

    I’m planning on making a special dinner for my hubby!

  31. Viki S. says:

    We never really celebrate but I went to Dunkin’ Donuts and bought a half dozen heart shaped brownie batter filled donuts for my boys :). Hubs just called and is having the 20 yr old drive me out to hubs office and then out for a V-Day drink :).

  32. Shannon says:

    I plan on a quiet night in with my favorite guys (my husband and son)

  33. JanieC says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Cynthia. Nothing extravagant, just dinner and a movie.

  34. Terri Nguyen says:

    I am planning to have movie night with my two best guys. I’m making a simple dinner then we are going to veg and watch The Avenger’s movie.

  35. Barb P says:

    Not too much I’m afraid. It’s heart shaped pizzas and a bottle of wine with my Hubby and son. Hope you have a nice V-Day and thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!!

  36. Dana Buchert says:

    This is the first year that we are empty nesters, usually we do the family thing. Hopefully I will get dinner out when hubby gets home and then I will start on your new book.

  37. Diane says:

    I’m a big fan of Bruce Willis and so is hubby; we plan on going to see the newest Die Hard next weekend, just the two of us!

  38. Timitra says:

    I don’t have any special plans except to curl up with a book!

  39. Jessica Hale says:

    We have no plans here so the kids are watching movies while i curl up with a book

  40. Chelsea B. says:

    I had the most amazing day! Went out to eat with the whole family, went shopping– don’t have a husband, boyfriend, and kept forgetting it was even Valentine’s Day, but it was one of the best days! Hahahahah 😉

  41. JessS says:

    Okay well Valentine’s was yesterday for me, but I spent it watching movies (Serenity and Underworld) with my best friends, and we ordered a pizza!

  42. JenM says:

    When Valentine’s Day falls during the week, we don’t usually do anything special although I did get a nice bouquet of flowers. When it’s on the weekend, we are much more inclined to actually celebrate it.

  43. Kimh says:

    No special just great candy and love songs thanks

  44. Minna says:

    Here in Finland it’s not really Valentines Day, it’s Friend’s Day.


  45. CrystalGB says:

    We went out to dinner and drank some wine by candlelit at home.

  46. Glittergirl says:

    I had to fill in at my husband’s office this week (human voice mail, lol) and he took me to lunch (someplace new) and we went to dinner at a local pub on the way home. Turns out a local radio station was having a “pray for snow” party at the table beside us and I got to meet some of my favorite radio personalities! It was awesome to put faces to voices I have heard for sooo long and tell them I was a fan! Oh, and I had my first “mudslide” 😉

  47. bn100 says:

    watched movies

  48. donnas says:

    Spent the night in and read.