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So, while I was trying to search for a nearby haunted house (not the truly spirit-possessed, just the fun-for-frights kind), I found this cool link. The site even has a link to my often-mentioned Cry Baby Bridge. For those not in the mood to click, here is what it says about the bridge: “Under this bridge, many years ago, a small baby drowned. It is said that the cries of the baby may be heard at times, and if baby powder is sprinkled on the bridge, footprints of a small child may be seen.”

Guess who is thinking about getting some baby powder and driving out to that bridge on Halloween?

Now, seriously, I’ve been on the bridge dozens of times. During the day, at night–and I’ve never heard the child’s cry. Does that mean that other folks haven’t heard it? Well, who am I to say what others have or have not heard? Either way, the tale makes for a good ghost story–and I love a good haunting.

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  2. I added you to my RSS feed, great content here.