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It’s ONE WEEK until the HEART OF STONE release!!! And, today, I thought I’d share some story FAQ’s with you…

1. Is HEART OF STONE a stand-alone read? It is! All of the “Bad Things” books are stand-alones. Each book features a different couple but certain secondary characters (like Luke!) appear in each book to tie things together.

2. Are gargoyles sexy? Heck, yeah!! I’ve wanted to write a gargoyle tale for a while, and I was super thrilled to start this book. I promise, Adam Cross is tough, dangerous, sexy, and very alpha.

3. How long is HEART OF STONE? 70,000 words. Lots of twists, turns, villains, and hot times are waiting for you.

4. Wait, wait, wait–the heroine is a muse? Didn’t a muse appear in ON THE PROWL? Yes! She did! Sabrina Lark (the HEART OF STONE heroine) first made her appearance in ON THE PROWL. She was a secondary character (one having a very unfortunate time), and this book is her chance to shine. Sharp readers may also remember that a gargoyle appeared in ON THE PROWL, too…

5. What about Leo? When is he getting a story? Leo, the “Lord of the Light”, will have his book out on April 25, 2017. But don’t worry–he gets lots of page time in HEART OF STONE…and you learn about some secrets that he has been keeping.

If you have any questions for me about HEART OF STONE, please ask!


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