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Update:  Now you’ve got me humming…thanks for sharing your holiday tunes! The winner of the $25 Victoria’s Secret gift card is…Cindi C! Congrats!

We’ve talked movies, shared some great recipes, even gone down under for the holiday…but what about the songs? You know, those holiday tunes that just get stuck in your head?  We’ve already got a radio station down here playing 24/7 holiday music. Even when I sleep, I feel like I hear that music.  Going on and on…

There are some holiday songs that I love. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Classic!

And Jingle Bells?  Of course! Love it! Even though my six-year-old requests that we always sing this version:

Jingle bells, Batman smells

Robin laid an egg

The batmobile lost its wheel

And the Joker got away. Hey!


There are some songs—and I confess this with shame—that I always mess up when I sing. I can’t remember the exact lyrics, so I kind of mutter my way through the song. Yeah, I’m thinking 12 Days of Christmas. By day 4, I’m lost.

What about you? What songs do you love? What songs do you—ahem—mumble along to b/c you’re like me and you just can’t remember the words?

The prize up for grabs this time is a $25 Victoria’s Secret gift card.  Good luck!  

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112 responses to “Holiday Songs (and a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card!)”

  1. Kelsey S. says:

    My favorite is “The Christmas Song” – chestnuts roasting on an open fire… I love Karen Carpenter’s rendition of that

  2. Alaina says:

    So this is chrismas – john lennon
    and Christmas in Sarajevo by the transsiberian orchestra
    both put me in the holiday spirit

  3. Cindy B. says:

    Little Drummer Boy – all time favorite Christmas song followed closely by Silent Night. Like you, I always mess up The 12 Days of Christmas.

  4. Deanna G. says:

    I love Silent Night!

  5. Leagh says:

    Oh I have always loved Silver Bells but for fun holiday sing along time, I am thinking Rocking around the Chritmas Tree. I don’t remember the exact name of the song but it starts off as “Over the river and through the woods….” That one holds dear memories for me cause we would sing it every time we went to visit my grandparents over Christmas holiday.

  6. Anne says:

    I like O Tannenbaum in German. I actually know more of it in German than English which amazes me since it’s been 32 years since I took German in high school and where we had to sing it. (32 years…OMG I’m having a moment here!)

  7. Jolene A says:

    I love Silent Night and Little Drummer Boy, but since I have small kids in the house, I get stuck singing Jingle Bells Batman Smells…. you get the picture :)

  8. Joyce says:

    Some of my favorites are:
    Do they know it’s Christmas?
    Drummer Boy by Bing Crosby and David Bowie
    So This is Christmas by John Lennon
    Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Bruce Springsteen

  9. BarbaraV says:

    I used to sing on Christmas eve in the chorus of my church in Cuba. I used to look forward that every year, no presents, nothing else just the singing and the holiday spirit. One of the few things that I brought with me 16 years ago was my handmade music book. I love singing Christams songs to my kids in Spanish. One of my favorites is Jingle Bells.

  10. Melissa B says:

    Do you Hear What I Hear! LOVE that song, especially when Whitney Housten sang it. I also love Ruldolph!!

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