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Update: Thank you for sharing your holiday wishes with me. I read through all of the comments–okay, I’ll confess I did that twice–because you made me cry.  There are just so many incredibly good people out in the world, and I was reminded of that fact as I read the comments. I know some of you are going through some very serious issues right now, and my prayers and good thoughts are going out to you.  Whether you made a big wish or a small one, I want that wish to come true.   I hope the holidays are good to you all–and that you all get exactly what you wished for.

I used the random generator to pick my winner (that’s how I’m picking all of the prizes unless the guest author has already picked), and the winner of the $50 gift card is Valerie M. Congratulations, Valerie!

This post is short and sweet–and it’s simply for wishes. What do you wish for this holiday season? Big or small, just share it. We should all take the time to make a wish, so please, make yours.

For the prize on this post? One random commenter will be selected to receive a $50 gift card—to help make her/his wish come true.

And I do hope that *all* of your holiday wishes come true. I hope the coming season brings magic to you!

I suspect they wish not to be eaten...what are you wishing for?


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126 responses to “Holiday Wishes”

  1. Limecello says:

    I wish for a real job – so, rather a downer there. But also for a good year in 2013, where there aren’t tragedies left and right. It seems like there have been so many things people have been facing. My family and everyone else’s could use a break. No emergency surgeries, no cancer discoveries, no natural disasters. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Just a year of “time out” from all that.

  2. Ora says:

    I really would like to have more time for baking and reading.

  3. Karina says:

    I wish for serenity, peace :)
    Oh I want some gingerbread cookies right now! 😀

  4. Shannon says:

    I wish for no drama! I hope everyone can just come together and have a fun enjoyable time as a family

  5. valerie mcqueen says:

    My wish is about ending an 8 year nightmare. I have plotted and planned to escape an abusive husband for almost a year and as soon as I get through the holidays the kids and I are finally leaving. I have been through more horror than most can imagine….broken bones bruises andabove all a broken spirit. I uses to ask why women stayed before I was in this situation, but being here now puts it in a new light. I lost myself for so long that I almost never found my way out. But my kids give me hope. Hope for a better life, and one without the verbal physical and mental abuse. So with the powers that be on my side I will never have to go through it or have my kids go through this ever again.

  6. Mel K. says:

    My wish is that I can keep my New Year’s resolutions in 2013.

  7. Texas Book Lover says:

    Honestly, I am wishing for bathroom towels, NO hospital or major medical bills in 2013, a permanent job back in my field, and amazon gift cards are always great! Simple right??? I’m staying optimistic!

    Thanks so much!

  8. Jeannie Platt says:

    i have to say… i am wishing for an accounting job… i keep applying as i am in the last year of bachelors so hopefully i will get one soon that will be a 9-5 job so that i can still be able to what i need to with my boys and be able to finish college without being stressed out or have little to no sleep.

  9. Alaina says:

    i wish… in the new year to be able to find a house… the market is horrible where we live, and we live with my bfs parents (i love them, but we need someplace of our own)

  10. Shelly E says:

    I wish for peace and quiet – and a few days to myself!

  11. Heather M says:

    My holiday wish is to spend it with great friends and loving family.

  12. Kelsey S. says:

    I wish for a new job for my husband. He’s tried his own business and it’s been a really tough couple of years. He’s not the entrepreneurial type, but finding anything in his field is really tough right now.

  13. Rita Wray says:

    I wish for a happy day spent with my family.

  14. Cindy B. says:

    I just want for everything to turn out right. Lame, but this year, we are alone for Christmas and I am really not looking forward to it this year. Money is more than tight so it would be nice if all could at least get together. Not gonna happen.

  15. Michelle Bledsoe says:

    I just wish for everyone to be safe and happy for the holidays. I pray that those who have been affected by storms or accidents are surrounded by family and friends that share their love and strength with them.

  16. Leagh says:

    I am wishing for time with my family. I am wishing for my children to have an amazing Christmas season filled with their family and loved ones.

  17. Anne says:

    I’d like to clear some of the many books off my Amazon wishlist.

  18. Jolene A says:

    My middle son starts preparation for his surgery the middle of December. My wish is for everything to go smoothly

  19. Joyce says:

    I wish for a permanent job – in a temporary part-time situation right now. Peace in the Middle East.

  20. BarbaraV says:

    I just want my kids to be happy, really it sounds corny but that is the truth. I work hard to make this time a year especial for them.

  21. leann says:

    Happy Holidays Ms. Cynthia,
    I wish for one more Christmas with my deceased relatives. Just one more hug! I know it’s impossible, but wishes are also prayers that people in Heaven hear. <3 Leann

  22. Bonnie DeRosa says:

    I wish for wonderful family time spent with my children and grandchildren at Christmas and throughout the year!

  23. Spav says:

    I wish for snow. I want a white Christmas!

  24. Suzanne says:

    I wish for a peaceful, warm, loving family gathering around the Christmas tree.

  25. Kim says:

    I actually have several holiday wishes.

    1) To see my dad’s smiling face again.

    2) But overall I just want to have a nice smooth holiday without stress.

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