I’m back! (Or, the Silken Sands Conference Update) Back to Blog

First, let me say that I had an absolutely wonderful time at my local chapter’s writing conference (Silken Sands). I met so many fabulous and friendly people, I listened to some great presentations, I visited with writing friends, and, hey–I was even lucky enough to see dolphins swimming in the water near the conference hotel each day. Very cool.

I thought I’d share some pictures from the conference because, yes, I had my camera and I was snapping like crazy!

In the above picture, we’ve got author Amber Leigh Williams, author Joan Turner, Megan Records (Kensington), Margo Lipschultz (Harlequin), and author Amanda Collins. Do you see that gorgeous beach behind the ladies? Isn’t that awesome?

And in this photo, we’ve got, um, me, and Amber Leigh Williams–this was right after the banquet on Saturday night.

And this is Fran McNabb–the first recipient of the Fran McNabb Service Award. Fran is absolutely wonderful, and, yes, she completely deserved to have an award named after her.

This is me and…Sherrilyn Kenyon!! Have I ever mentioned how much I love her Dark Hunters? And let me say, Sherrilyn is such a gracious lady. She was our speaker at the Saturday night event and I know she inspired everyone in the room.

* * *

The editors who came down for the event–Megan Records from Kensington, Margo Lipschultz from Harlequin, and Deb Werksman from Sourcebooks–they were all such great ladies, too! It was a pleasure to hear their takes on the industry. Literary Agent Caren Johnson was also in attendance–another fun and charming woman.

Hmm…did I say that I had a great time? I did–and can’t wait for 2010–and the next Silken Sands Conference.

Ah, one final picture to share. No, this isn’t a shark–look closer! A dolphin shot from Pensacola Beach:

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5 responses to “I’m back! (Or, the Silken Sands Conference Update)”

  1. Edie says:

    I’m glad you had such a great time. And you look gorgeous in your pictures!

    It’s 3 weeks before the WisRWA conference. Your agent will be there, and I’m eager to meet her.

  2. LaDonna says:

    Cindy, you’re back!!! I crossed cyber-tracks with ya earlier today, and that’s always fun. LOL. So glad you had a great time, and those pics are really beautiful! Edie’s right, you cover gal you!

  3. Cindy!

    I love the pics! So glad we got to see dolphins and hang out with Megan who is wonderful. You’re so lucky! I had a great time hanging out with you and Joan. Hope we can get together again soon :)

  4. Cynthia Eden says:

    Hi, Edie! Lady, you are so kind–but I look scary as hell in those pictures. Particularly in the one with Sherrilyn–but I was too excited to pose. :-)

    I’m sure your conference will be wonderful–and I bet Laura is looking forward to attending! (She’s a great lady–I think you’ll like her a lot.)

    Hi, LaDonna! :-) You know I love crossing tracks with you!

    Amber, thanks for visiting! I had a great time with you at the conference, too. (Although I’m still bitter I didn’t win your wonderful basket. Sigh. Maybe next time…)

  5. Saskia says:

    So glad it went well and you had such a good time! Lovely photos, thanks for sharing. :)