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Twelve Days of Writing

Day Ten:  Inspiration

First, please let me apologize for getting this post up so late–it was one one crazy, but good day.

In this blog entry, I wanna talk about inspiration. Ah, inspiration.

One of the most common questions that I get asked by folks is…”Where do you get your ideas?”

My answer? “Everywhere.”

Half-remembered dreams inspire me. Billboards inspire me. Movies that I don’t like–b/c I wanna rewrite them–inspire me. I don’t need a Muse–I just need life.

Life is so wild and random.   Life is filled with so many great moments–and so many dark ones. I read somewhere (no, I have no idea where!) that writers see stories in everything–and that is certainly true for me.

When I was younger, I used to play I game when I was bored, waiting some place. I would watch other people. Watch their faces, their expressions, their body language. Then, I would create lives for the people that I watched. Sometimes, I’d try to match the stories to what I thought was reality for my poor, observed souls. And, sometimes, I would try to create an existence that was far from ordinary.

If you are a writer reading this post, tell me…what inspires you?

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One response to “Inspiration”

  1. My DH likes to tell everyone that he’s my inspiration :) I guess I’d have to say I also find inspiration everywhere but usually it’s a character that comes to me (from where, I usually don’t have a clue!)and I just have to write his or her story.