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It’s the release week for my latest romantic suspense, INTO THE NIGHT  This book is the 3rd in my “Killer Instinct” series for Harlequin.



My “Killer Instinct” books focus on dark and sexy suspense–but suspense with a definite romance element.  All of the books in this series feature characters who’ve had up-close and personal experiences with killers…the killers have been their friends, their lovers, their family members. Because of this closeness, the characters in my “Killer Instinct” books have a unique understanding when it comes to serial killers…and catching those predators.

The heroine of INTO THE NIGHT is FBI Agent Macey Night. Many people thought that the man who brutally attacked Macey had died, that the infamous serial killer known as the “Doctor” was long gone…but in her heart, Macey knew that the killer was still out there.  If you’ve read my other “Killer Instinct” books, then you might have picked up on one particular scene involving Macey (it was a little Easter egg!). In BEFORE THE DAWN, there is one scene in which Macey is talking with the medical examiner, Julia.  Julia asks Macey about the man who attacked her and Macey responds with, “I killed him.”

Well…that’s part of the story.   Only part.  Macey starts to tell Julia more, but then they are interrupted.  So Macey doesn’t get to add *more* about her past. She doesn’t get to say exactly what happened to her…

Don’t worry, readers can find out soon–INTO THE NIGHT features a prologue that will show you exactly what happened to Macey when she was younger. And you’ll find out why Macey and so many others wanted to believe that her attacker was dead. Only he isn’t exactly that easy to kill.  And deep, deep inside, Macey has always known that her particular monster is still out there, despite the brave front that she’s put on for other people.  And it’s time for her to face that monster.


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