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So, good news–I’ve gotten a cover for HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT, my May 08 Kensington Brava release. If you gaze a tad to the right–yep, that’s it! A tagline or quote (because I got a great quote from one of my favorite authors, Shannon McKenna) will be inserted later. I am so excited about this cover! I love the blue tint, and the guy looks so much like my hero. I’ve heard horror stories of covers that depicted a man that looked nothing like the guy in the story–so I don’t have to worry about that (thanks to Megan and all the great people at Kensington who worked on this cover!).

And I just heard more good news–the novella I submitted to Kensington has been accepted! Woo-hoo! So, I’ll have HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT released in May, then in June, I’ll be in an anthology called WHEN HE WAS BAD. My novella (now with the tentative title of “Wicked Ways”) is another paranormal suspense tale, and the hero is a jaguar-shifter. So, yeah, all of that jaguar research I was doing paid off for me!

My second Kensington novel is still slated for a December 08 release date, and I’ve just discovered (because I didn’t do the simple math until now), that from December 1, 2007–December 31, 2008, I’ll have six releases. Jeez but that makes me giddy. Two of those releases will be from Red Sage, one will be from Avon Red (by the way, I finished copy-edits on “New Year’s Bites” on Sunday), and the rest will be my Kensington stories.

Definitely time for me to start reading those promo books!!!

A final note–Happy Birthday, Dad! See you soon with cake and presents!

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4 responses to “I’ve Got A Cover!!”

  1. Zoe Winters says:

    That’s a really great cover! Congrats! Is this your first book with Kensington?

  2. Cynthia Eden says:

    Hi, Zoe! Yep, this is my first Kensington release. I don’t if you’ll remember this or not, but it is the story that begins with…
    “The vampire on her couch had a serious blood phobia.”
    HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT is my story about the psychologist who only treats Other (vamps, demons, etc).

  3. HelenKay says:

    That is a fabulous cover!!! And huge congrats on the Shannon McKenna quote and novella sale. You have a great publishing year ahead of you!

  4. Cynthia Eden says:

    Hi, HelenKay! Thanks! And you know what? I’ve been hearing buzz about YOUR MOUTH DRIVES ME CRAZY all over the place–congrats to you!