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That’s the title of the workshop I”ll be presenting this Sunday at the Silken Sands Writer’s Conference. Actually, the title has a subheading, too (cause I was being crazy wordy):  “Giving human flaws and characteristics to your non-human characters.”  :-)

So, if I’m not posting much over the weekend, well, it’s because I’m at the conference.  My local RWA Chapter is putting on the event–this is the first time I’ve attended the conference and I’m looking forward to it!  I’ll post pictures next week.

As I did some final prep work for my workshop, I became very curious about the sheer number of paranormal books that are being released out there in bookland. According to the RWA site, paranormals accounted for 9% of romance sales in 2006.  That was a good statistic, but I wanted to know more. So, I posted a message on my FF&P loop, and Michele Hauf, super author and all-around great lady, was kind enough to email me back about her Ultimate Vamp List.  With her list (and it is a most impressive list), Michele attempts to keep track of all the vampire books that are released each year.  She told me her list wasn’t scientific, just a general compilation she’s made–and, hey, I was happy with that.

Here are some of the numbers that Michele was kind enough to give me from her vamp list.  Have you wondered just how many vampire book are being released these days? Well, wonder no more…

1997 – 11 vamp romances pubbed
1998 – 7
1999 – 8
2000 – 16
2001 – 19
2002 – 50
2003 – 70
2004 – 87
2005 – 108
2006 – 131
2007 – 158

Thank you, Michele!  And may I say that as a vampire lover…I really like this upswing.

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4 responses to ““Keeping the ‘Normal’ in Your Paranormal Story””

  1. Jane says:

    I’m liking the trend. Keep the paranormals coming.

  2. Brandy says:

    I’m all for the paranormals!

  3. LaDonna says:

    Wow, really impressive! I love paranormals, so I’m a happy camper. Have fun at the conference, Cindy!

  4. Edie says:

    A lot of vampire lovers out there! Your workshop has a great title. Hope you have a blast!