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Tor editor Anna Louise Genoese has a great post up on her blog about how publishers determine how much money they want to pay authors in their advances. Anna Louise also offers an in-depth explanation as to why certain books make money and others don’t.

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3 responses to “Making Money”

  1. Edie says:

    Cynthia, I looked at that and halfway through my eyes started crossing. LOL, I’ll have to check it out later again.

  2. Michelle Diener says:

    I checked it out too. I used to be a publisher, and as I had a business degree, I got the job of pricing all the books in my division. It is just a case of plugging variables into a spreadsheet, really. I’m sure no publisher commits to an advance without doing one. Of course, when it comes to sales, especially with books, it is all just guess work. I was lucky because a lot of the books I priced were set works at universities and I knew the student numbers. That helped a lot.

  3. Michelle Diener says:

    LOL, my division was for tax and law books, which is a little removed from fiction, but unlike a lot of unpublished authors, I don’t see agents, editors and publishers as omnipotent gods. I also have always known the only ‘rule’ is that the book must be able to make money. How the author makes it a book that makes money is up to them.