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Update: The winner of IN A TREACHEROUS COURT is…Yadira. The winner of ENTANGLED is…Ren.  Congratulations!!

It’s a new hour, so that means it’s time to introduce another great author–and Michelle Diener is that fab author! Michelle is also in the ENTANGLED anthology with me (cause how could I have a release day party without some of my anthology mates dropping by to help celebrate), and she has a wonderful single title out, IN A TREACHEROUS COURT. Welcome, Michelle!

Thank you to Cynthia for inviting me back as a guest here today! I’m so thrilled to be a contributor to the ENTANGLED anthology. The problem was, when Edie Ramer first approached me to take part, I was scared. I hadn’t written a paranormal contemporary novel before, let alone written a short story. I write historical fiction, and my debut historical novel, IN A TREACHEROUS COURT,  was just released last month with Simon & Schuster Gallery Books. This was way out of my comfort zone.

But I really, really wanted to do it.

So I thought about the type of paranormal stories I most enjoyed, and the paranormal things I most wonder about in real life, and came up with the story in ENTANGLED, Breaking Out. The historical author in me couldn’t get over how little research I had to do. It was like a holiday, and working for a good cause, all at once. How could it get any better?

Ever since I first read Rupert Sheldrake’s The Seven Experiments That Could Change the World, I’ve been even more fascinated with the concept of the extended mind than I was before. The extended mind is when you reach out beyond your brain, to touch someone else, either in the form of telepathy or just a psychic touch, which the person you are touching experiences as an almost physical touch. Like when you can ‘feel’ eyes on you, or know someone behind you is watching you. I went on to read more of Sheldrake’s work, which I found scientific and reasonable, and very, very interesting.

So my story has a telekinetic, a mind reader, and a man who can heal himself and others with the power of his mind. Plus a whole host of bad guys, with equally unusual talents. It was such fun imagining a world where all this was possible.

I’d love to hear what your favorite paranormal talent or gift is – what sounds the most interesting to you? I’ve got a copy of my historical thriller, set in the court of Henry VIII, IN A TREACHEROUS COURT, and a copy of ENTANGLED to give away. Winners’ choice of Kindle or papberback version of IN A TREACHEROUS COURT.

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96 responses to “Michelle Diener Has 2 Great Prizes for You!”

  1. Michelle McMichael says:

    I love the paranormal because anything is possible! Normal laws/rules just don’t apply.
    I love a good big cat shifter story – Lions, Tigers, Panthers – any or all of the above :)

  2. Michelle, it’s fun to bend the rules, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Alaina says:

    i love the cat and dragon shifters! the psychics are awesome as well… i love to read about those (like arcane society)

  4. Michelle, I was so lucky to receive a copy of Entangled and I am loving the read. Haven’t gotten to your contribution yet, but I am certain it will be a good read.

    Please do not put me in this drawing since I was the winner of another. Great good writing to you and all the contributors of Entangled :)