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Update:  Thanks to everyone for sharing your monster treats with me! Some of you have made me so very hungry.  :-)  The winner of any autographed Cynthia Eden book is…Joye! Congrats, Joye! I’ll be contacting you with prize claim information.  Thank you all for the treat talk!

Over the weekend, my son had his annual Halloween party.  Oh,  yes, there was much old-school Halloween merriment to be had (apple bobbing, sack races, slamming a bat into a pinata pumpkin).  And, of course, there were also treats. Monster treats.


Um, that would be part of a frozen Kool-Aid finger floating in there.

The night before the party, Jack and I were busy making the monster treats.  At Halloween, my pigs-in-a-blanket always *magically* become Mummy Dogs.  I can also make a mean Boo cake, complete with gummy eyeballs and worms for a mouth.


My goal for this week is to make a witch’s hat out of Rice Krispies treats.  Oh, the delicious goodies!  At Halloween, I consider it a free munch time (cuz, you know, there’s always so much candy going around anyway), and there are SO many goodies that I love to eat.

What’s your favorite monster treat for Halloween? It can be a special dish you make yourself or a favorite candy you buy from your friendly grocery story.  Tell me, and I’ll pick one commenter to win her/his choice of any Cynthia Eden book.

And while I’m blogging, I wanted to be sure and mention the Dangerous Fun that will be starting soon…

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48 responses to “Monster Treats”

  1. Your Halloween table of monster treats looked so good! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and my favorite treat is Witch’s Brew. It’s an orange-pineapple punch with orange soda, pineapple juice, sweetened condensed milk, and scoops of orange sherbet to float in it. Yum!

  2. Sue Brandes says:

    I love Halloween! My favorite candy for Halloween is peanut butter kisses. I work at asisted living & for Halloween my manager changed all the names on the menus with ghoulish names. We all dress up for the residents & try to get them to. We have a great time.

  3. Diane Sadler says:

    Your Halloween treats look delicious!
    I don’t have a favorite treat for Halloween I would eat just about anything that came around. So ong as we all had a great time.

  4. Stacy W says:

    I love popcorn balls…love em! They aren’t too scary though LOL I made chocolate cupcakes one year and had graves on them, spiders and ghosts. That was big hit with the kids. :)

  5. CrystalGB says:

    I have always been a fan of popcorn balls. When I was a kid, my mom and I made popcorn balls every year on Halloween.

  6. Pamk says:

    I have a recipe or did have if the kiddos have not lost it out of my recipe drawer for putrid punch. This is gross but my oldest son said it looks like stuff you throw up when your really really sick and can’t even keep water down. Ssshhh don’t tell him but he’s right lol but it tastes absolutely fantastic. I am going to have to dig it out and make some. lol. And of course candy corn and the reese’s pumpkins.

  7. Melissa says:

    OOOooh, Cynthia~~have you ever put M&M’s in your rice krispie treats? I love to put the Halloween colored ones, purple, oarnge and black…in mine this time of year. OMG, they’re awesome, and always the hit of the party. They’d look awesome in your witches hat, too!!
    I add them after I mix all the rice krispies and marshmallows really well. And we make cup cakes w/ body part gummy’s on top, lol. Caramel apples…we live in a great neighborhood, where everyone gets really into Halloween, so all the kids come over to get lots of goodies. I can’t wait!!

  8. JOYE says:

    I always make a spider cake for my kids. Bake any kind of layer cake and frost with white frosting. With black icing make a series of 4 circles on top of cake (you will have a small circle in the center and then bigger ones as you end at the edge of cake). Take a knife and start in the center and lightly drag thru the frosting to the edge. It drags the frosting so it looks like a spider web. Then take a large black gum drop and put on cake top. Make spider’s legs with thin strips of black licroice.
    Your treats look good, too.
    My favorite candy is the candy corn.

  9. susan leech says:

    Halloween is a fun time for us even tho we have no little ones since they grew up and moved away. We still like to do the holiday. I have a tree/bear I decorate for each month and for this year I put orange pumpkin lights, spiders in green, orange and black, skulls and purple lights on the tree. We use a tin container I got several years ago and fill it with candy and cracker the teddy bear treats out this year. I love chocolate so we are never concerned anything will go to waste> ha Anyone see the carmalapple kisses this year? susan L

  10. RKCharron says:

    Hi Cynthia :)
    It looks like a great Halloween party was had!
    My favorite Halloween treat/candy is Rockets. I only see them or have them at Halloween. They are the little pill-shaped candies in different colors.
    All the best,

  11. Natasha A. says:

    Caramel Apples!! Hmmmm! Your son’s party looks awesome!

  12. Pat Cochran says:

    I like a graveyard cake that I’ve made a couple of times.
    Using a cake mix, make a favorite cake and frost with
    vanilla frosting. Crush plain chocolate cookies in a baggi & scatter over the center of the cake. Frost any oval shapesandwich cookies with vanilla & use black gel to enscribe “R.I.P.” on “gravestones”,which are inserted into top of cake. Add any extra graveyard bits & pieces to “liven” up the scene: fencing, spiders/webs, piles of dried leaves. The kids love it!

    Pat Cochran

  13. Elaine G says:

    My favorite treat is either candy apples or rockets candy. I usually dig through my nieces and nephews loot bag to confiscate them all :) but they’re too old now..I have to go out and buy them.

  14. Jacki C. says:

    My husband loves to make Frog Eye Salad for gatherings. It involves a kind of pasta (can’t think of it right now), and then there are green grapes. When you put all of the ingredients together it honestly looks like frog eyes.

  15. Fedora says:

    What a gorgeous spread, Cynthia! Favorite Halloween treat is Twix… (and yes, I do sometimes filch these from my kids’ treat bags… ;))

  16. Karin says:

    Your goodies sound delicious, Cynthia, and I wanted to try everything on the table in your picture. My favorite Halloween treat are the eyeball gumballs. They’re so creepy and fun at the same time. I totally freaked out my nieces and nephews once when I popped one in my mouth and then held it between my teeth with the pupil pointing out. I laughed until my sides hurt.

  17. Carol says:

    Definitely popcorn balls! My mother and I would make them every Halloween, it’s one of my best memories of her – the roasting pan full of air-popped corn, adding food colouring to the syrup until it was just the right colour, greasing up our hands to start forming the balls . . . a great time!

  18. Brandy says:

    You are a great Mom for having that party! This time of year I crave caramel apples or candy apples (because the Fair is here this week, but we’re not going). But, Halloween yummies? It’s so hard to choose! The mallow creme pumpkins, the candy corn, the tootsie rolls, the hot tamales……. And luckily I buy these, but have help eating them with the kids. *G* They’re very nice and share their loot from Halloween with me, too. *G*

  19. Minna says:

    Most people here in Finland don’t celebrate Halloween, although it’s obvious that at least the shop keepers wish that everyone would, considering that past 5 years or so more and more Halloween stuff has showed up in shops.

    Favorite candy? Anything made out of chocolate! But I do miss peanut butter sweets. They don’t sell those here in Finland and I got totally addicted to them when I was in the States.

  20. Mel K. says:

    My favorite monster treat is anything covered in chocolate or caramel. I’m going to hit my neighbors up for candy this year. I’ll be wearing chrome fangs. Can’t wait to freak them out. lol!

  21. Jody F. says:

    For Halloween I always make Rice Krispies Treats and sprinkle in a packet of orange flavored Kool-Aid. That way they turn a lovely orangey color and have an extra bit of flavor.

  22. Liz Kreger says:

    Yum! I want everything that was on your table. I’m a huge fan of popcorn balls. Can eat ’em all day. Second is anything sour. Smarties, Nerds, Runts … you name it.

  23. Raonaid Luckwell says:

    Dang, seeing all that goodies made me crave some sweets. If I want sweets I’ll have to bake a cake! But man, I remember popcorn balls as a child.

    But as for candy, I always sneak the twizzlers from my kids stash of candy. Sometimes my eleven year old is sweet and GIVE me the twizzlers. Then there is the Baby Ruth bars.

  24. Sharla Long says:

    Your table looks great! I don’t really have a favorite treat, I like the popcorn balls and candied apples but chocolate is very, very good. A couple years ago I made meatloaf for dinner before we went trick-or-treating, shaped it like a body, poured bbq sauce over it and served it over worms, I mean spaghetti. The kids were too old to be grossed out, they just thought I was corny!

  25. Cathy M says:

    I love caramel apples, and though I know I could actually have them year round, they are a Halloween tradition in my house.

  26. Jane says:

    I like your Mummy Dogs. I usually buy some Halloween themed cupcakes from the supermarket instead of baking them myself.

  27. Taylor Z says:

    I love dirt (oreos and pudding kind, not the real stuff lol). My grandma when i was little would make dirt, and then put little candy cemetaries on top, with gummy fingers coming out of the dirt. yummmy

  28. Barb P says:

    Hi Cynthia! Wow, It looks like my kind of party! Since my husband is an eye doc, we always have to get the gummy eyeballs, foil wrapped eyeball chocolates etc. to give out to the kids. My son also always has to bake the Pillsbury Halloween cupcakes and frosting every year.

  29. Edie says:

    In my next life, I want you to be my mom. Can fun-sized Snickers bars be considered monster treats?

  30. I love me some Kitty Litter Cake made with ground Vienna Finger cookies and microwaved tootsie rolls, served in a disposable cat pan;-)

  31. Barbara Elness says:

    My favorite Halloween treat is a pumpkin pie for my birthday, which is the day after. I also love the treat sized AbbaZabbas, they’re full of peanut butter goodness!

  32. Nancy Gilliland says:

    My bat cakes go over great with the grandkids every year, and my ghost krispie treats. One yar we even md a 3-d mummy cake.

  33. Darkreader says:

    we always make popcorn ball to look like ghosts. they taste good too!

  34. Michele says:

    Looks like Jack had a great “Monster Party” 😀

    My favorite “monster” treat is making popcorn balls! Can make them any time of the year, but now is when they taste best :)

  35. Angela says:

    My favorite Halloween candy is by far the Snickers Bar :) If I see it in my kids Halloween bags, it’s mommy’s 😀

  36. Amy says:

    I use to make “monster” treats when my daughter was younger, but not anymore. So I will have to go with my favorite Halloween candy and that being Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups. Can never have too many, lol :)

  37. Allie Harrison says:

    I love Halloween, too. Our yearly party was the 3rd of October with chili and hot dogs. I make the bon fire in an old kettle–not a fire pit! And have the usual snacks. My kids are older now, but everyone still enjoys the caramel (home made) apples (I sliced the apples this year and drizzled the caramel over them! Yummy!) and other treats. And the weather this year was perfect. My daughter even hangs mason jars in the trees with coat hangers and we put candles in them. The back yard looks fun, eerie and inviting! I have to admit I didn’t always enjoy Halloween. Taking the kids trick or treating was not always fun, neither was making costumes. But I love fall and October is my favorite month. I do try to lay off the chocolate, but who can resist M&Ms and Peanut butter cups!
    BTW, how can I become a dangerous author?

  38. Chelsea B. says:

    I LOVE candy corn! I could eat that stuff all day, every day! And theres another type of candy, though I can’t remember the name of it….

  39. stacey smith says:

    you know I go crazy this time of year and by lots of different Chocolates at this time of year there all on sale Snickers and Reese’s and almond joy and so much more the time for butting on wait starts on this October.

  40. Jacqueline L. says:

    Yum! That spread looks awesome! Though I’m a little grossed out by whatever’s in that punch bowl…the one with the floating frozen Kool-Aid finger. 😀 My fave Halloween treat? Any of those little mini chocolate bars. Definitely eeeeeeevil. You can’t eat just one. 😉

  41. Linda Henderson says:

    I love Halloween. My favorite chocolate is Hershey’s Almond bars. What I really really like are caramaled apples. Yum.

  42. CatsMeow says:

    I love mud pie. it’s chocolate pudding, mix in gummy worms then fold in lightly crushed oreos. easy smeasy.

  43. Pam P says:

    I look in all the kid’s pumpkins for Snickers and Mounds bars and see what they’ll give up to me. One sister goes all out for Halloween, kids gather to trick or treating on her street where neighbors all have yards decorated, then back to my sister’s who makes all kinds of special Halloween goodies, table similar to yours, Cindy. Sweet tooth night for sure, lol.

  44. Lindsey Ekland says:

    I love roasted pumpkin seeds and carmel apples. Love that all the halloween candy is on sale November 1.

  45. I am hungry after looking at all your pictures! I love popcorn balls and caramel apples.

  46. Valerie says:

    Oh dear, I try to stay away from the goodies….but!!!!

    I do love the recipe I have for brownies which is from a British cookbook. It has way too much butter and sugar in it, but it is super yummy!!!! Everyone who has tried them loves them!!!!

    in Germany

  47. ann marie says:

    This is the only time of the year where I eat a ton of caramel apples and popcorn balls dipped in the extra sauce.
    Nice Halloween table.

  48. Donna S says:

    Carmel apples but not the mass produced ones you get in a grocery store. The homemade ones you can get from a real candy store are the best.