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I always face a dilemma at this time of the year…What costume should I wear? And do I really just have to pick one costume? (My son currently has 3 and we still have several weeks before Halloween arrives–I’m so jealous.)

So for today’s Halloween party time, I thought I’d share some of my costume ideass with you–and hopefully, you’ll share some of your faves with me.  These are all super easy, and pretty much require minimal effort.

10. Black Cat. Come on–it’s easy and sexy. Basic black, baby. There is no going wrong with this one.

9. Witch. Have broom, will fly. You can do a sexy witch, you can do a scary witch, you can do a good witch. I constantly have a supply of witch hats at my house, so this is always my go-to outfit.

8. Vampire. Drink! Drink up! The cool thing about this is that thanks to shows like True Blood (so addicted), you can just wear any clothes you want. The days of having to dress up in Dracula’s cloak are gone. Just wear your normal clothes and flash some fang when the mood suits you.  Adding a little fake blood to your chin would be a good touch.

7. Sookie.  Yes, we’re talking True Blood, so let me just throw this one out there. Put your hair in a ponytail, put on a white t-shirt and a pair of black shorts. Bam–you’re Sookie.   Some of us have a natural southern accent (ahem) so that part is easy to cover. For others–just fake it! (Update: For a more authentic Sookie-look, don’t forget the blond hair!)

6. Medusa. What? Were you expecting this one?  You can be a hip, cool Medusa. Again, just wear your street clothes.  Medusa can semi-adapt to modern times.  Normal clothes, but snakey hair.  Go to your local Walmart (or any store that sells toys) and buy some cheap, plastic snakes.  Braid them into your hair–and you’re Medusa.

5. Zombie.  Everyone loves a good zombie, right? Cut up the bottom of some old pants, dirty up your shirt, and put lots of white makeup on your face (and black makeup around your eyes). Start grunting and groaning as you walk after folks…it’s zombie time.

4. Jason from–yeah, all those Friday the 13th movies that I love. Put on a big, old coat, grab some work boots, and don’t forget to snag your favorite hockey mask. Then prepare to terrorize every kid who comes to your door.  Oh, fun.

3. Cousin It. I am such a fan of the Adam’s Family. Grab a hat. Attach as much yarn to it as you can–now, you’re Cousin It.  You’re creepy and you’re kooky.

2. Greek goddess. Sheet, baby–sheet.  Toga yourself and hold your head up like a queen, or, um, goddess.

1. Werewolf. Normal clothes work fine…as long as the full moon isn’t out. If it is, slice up the sleeves of your shirt and buy some of the furry wolf gloves you can get at your friendly costume shop.  The gloves can put you in semi-wolf shift. Then, howl occasionally for fun.

Your turn–share!

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29 responses to “My Top Ten Super Easy Adult Halloween Costumes”

  1. Diane Sadler says:

    The Sookie costume is easy enough but I think I prefer a Witch or a Demon or a Succubus maybe?

  2. Jean P says:

    I like the idea of the Medusa costume…easy. But you can’t beat the old stand by of the witch.

  3. desiree says:

    Medusa would be awesome. You just reminded me I have to buy the kids their costumes. I try to get them something scary but they look at me funny. They are always cartoon characters. Ohwell.

  4. susan leech says:

    Gyspy or witch is always good. Love some of the ideas you have. I dressed as a hag one time and the results was funny. I had a housecoat over top my regular clothes, bedroom slippers on and hair half done in curlers with ends sticking out all over my head and make up was applied like I had no idea what I was doing with it. I was asked by a customer if I was allowed to wear curlers while I was working..NOTHING about the rest of the outfit. ha susan L.

  5. Colleen says:

    I like to paint my face for Halloween… I have made black cats, pumpkins, a dragon all on my face… once I painted my sister to look like a tiger, boy did that turn out great! Takes a bit of time, but the end result is worth it!

  6. Jillian says:

    I’m digging the Medusa idea, too.

    You could do vampite mimnie mouse- get those fangs out, a red dress and yellow shoes. Grab some white paper and a hole punch and punch a ton of holes. stick on dress and viola! You’re vampire Minnie.

  7. Melanie S. says:

    oh I absolutely love the idea to dress as Sookie – now every day of the year can be Halloween *g*

  8. Valerie says:

    I always go as a witch. I buy some really long, black fake nails to stick on….paint my face a bit on the whitish side…dark eyes, bright red lipstick….hehe!!! Fluff up the hair really alot and add some wash out streaks….ready to go!!!!

    in Germany

  9. Dale Mayer says:

    My daughter and I went out trick or treating last year (for her – honest!) as matching mimes. What a blast!


  10. Brandy says:

    With all those flowing empire waisted dresses being so popular you could pop on one of those, put a thin headband around your forehead, beads around your neck and paint a peace sign on your cheek and go as a flower-child.

  11. Casey says:

    I typically do the witch (I’ve gone Greek Goddess once but my toga kept falling…not too good). This year I’m going to be a zombie. But not any zombie, a sexy zombie 😀

  12. Denise T. says:

    I like to dress up as a vampire…some fangs and blood are all you need just like you said!!

  13. cories5 says:

    I do a variation of the cat costume myself. With the addition of boots and a long leather coat (and the cat ears), it’s a UF version of the basic catgirl. Hm… if I can find some wicked-looking knives to strap to my thigh…

  14. Caffey says:

    I can’t wait to see your pic of what you choose! I’m so bad with this cuz the only thing I remember dressing up as an adult was in college with hubby (then boyfriend) hockey suit (minus the helmet, I wore a new one!) I couldn’t even walk in that equipment!

    How about a Succubus? LOL I think that would be very cold tho!

    I couldn’t resist. Told you I’m bad at this!

    cathiecaffey @

  15. sue brandes says:

    I love the cat costume. This year I bought an ugly dress with bright flowers. Has to be from the 70’s. LOL. Bright pink shoes and an ugly bright orange purse. Looking to add big old flintstone type earrings and necklace. I’m going for the 70’s theme. LOL. Just looked around at the thrift store.

  16. sikis says:

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  17. Edie Ramer says:

    I’m very late! Google Reader just coughed up about 5 of your blogs. I can’t trust it anymore.

    Great ideas! I’m usually at home handing out the candy, so no Succubus outfits. lol The black cat one might be fun.