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Wow! I’ve been getting such wonderful feedback about MINE TO TAKE! Thank you! I am thrilled that readers are enjoying the story!

And if you haven’t read MINE TO TAKE yet, don’t forget–my dark and sexy new romantic suspense is on sale for just .99 this week! Here’s a new excerpt, to get you in the MINE TO TAKE mood. 😉


“Ten years is a long time,” she said. She hated the softness of her voice. Why couldn’t she act as if the past didn’t matter to her?  “A lot can change over all those years.”

“And a lot can stay the same.” His fingers curled under her jaw. “I want you just as much now as I did then.  When I saw you in my office, the same need hit me.  Lust tore through me the way it always does when I’m near you.”

Her hands were trembling.  She lifted them and put her palms on his chest. Skye wasn’t sure if she wanted to pull him closer or shove him away.

“Lust was never a problem for us, though, was it?” Skye whispered.  His eyes were on her mouth.

Memories of their past flashed through her mind. She could almost taste him.

“I was your first.”

Heat flushed her cheeks.

“I thought about you over the years…”

His confession jolted her.

“I wondered what you were doing…who you were with…”

His gaze was still on her mouth. Still hot.  Her hyperawareness of him pushed the aches and pains from her mind. “You don’t get to wonder about that.” Not when he’d been the one to tell her to hit the curb. He didn’t have that right.

“There are some things you can’t control.”  His head bent toward her. “The way I feel about you is one of those things.”

She wanted his mouth. She wanted to run from him.  “Trace…”

His lips feathered over hers.  Not taking. Not demanding. Soft. Gentle.

“I can’t have what I want tonight, I know that,” his words were whispered against her lips.  “But you came back to me.  And you should know…that changes everything. I let you go once. You can’t expect me to do that again.”


MINE TO TAKE is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, All Romance Ebooks, and Smashwords.

Have a terrific Tuesday!!

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4 responses to “New MINE TO TAKE Excerpt”

  1. Whew *fans self*, what a fantastic excerpt!! This just became a must read ♥


  2. Viki S. says:

    Well, my afternoon is off to a very good start 😉 – Thank you.

  3. Jennifer Dyche says:

    I couldn’t put it down! An awesome read!!

  4. Jerri Mooring says:

    I really enjoyed this book. Im like jennifer i couldnt put it down so I read it all in one sitting….It was awesome like everthing I read from you…