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Just one week until the release of RUN TO ME! How about a little tease?


“I want to make things right.” His face had tensed, and his gaze seemed to burn.

And there it was again. His guilt. Always between them. “I’m not some pet project.” Her words came out angry, crisp. “Not some mistake you just get to wipe away.”  But…wasn’t she a mistake? Her chest ached, and she lifted her hand, pressing her palm against her racing heart.

“You’re not a mistake.” His gaze burned. “You could never be that.”

He moved toward her once more. Very, very close. And his hands rose to curl around her shoulders. She stiffened because that electric awareness was there again, and Willow tried to retreat, but there was nowhere to go. Her back was pressed to the mirror behind her.

Emotions swirled inside of her. Dark and twisting. Sometimes, she was twisted, too. She could do things, such bad things.  She could slip into a person’s mind and turn fears into reality. She’d…hurt people.

And Willow knew she’d hurt others in the future. That was who she was.

“You shouldn’t touch me,” she reminded him, her voice hushed. “You know touching me is dangerous.”

Because if she touched her prey, it gave her power. The power to slip right into her prey’s mind—

“Do I look afraid?”

She blinked. No, he didn’t look afraid.  He looked—

“Ever wonder what it would be like if we kissed, Willow?”



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