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Sorry that I didn’t post more in the last week. I was doing page proofs for HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT and “Wicked Ways“–and, oh, wow, but doing the page proofs made the whole My-Book-Is-Coming-Out-Soon madness sweep through me. Then, the Magnificient M let me know that I’d be getting galleys soon–oh, yeah, seriously wonderful news.

And here’s a big hint: If you haven’t signed up to receive my newsletter yet, then you really should. Contests are coming.

I’ve also started to receive the first of my promotional materials. (More boxes will be coming. I’m still working on the design for my bookmarks.)

Um, yep, that’s a t-shirt for HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT. Overboard? Who? Me?

I’m going to be sending my promo items to upcoming conferences, and I spent part of the weekend autographing my materials (I always like to autograph the items I send out). If anyone reading this lovely post would like to receive an autographed cover image for HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT, just shoot me an email at:, and I’ll be happy to send you one.

I do promise to be a better blogger in the coming week. Really.

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4 Responses to “Page Proofs and Promo”

  1. Edie says:

    I can feel your excitement, Cindy. Yay, you!!!

  2. Zoe Winters says:

    Congrats! This is really exciting. And the cover looks fabulous. Covers sell books!

  3. Cynthia Eden says:

    :-) Thanks, Edie! I’m excited and crazy nervous.

    Hi, Zoe!! Thanks so much! I’m sure hoping that cover helps to sell lots of copies.

  4. Zoe Winters says:

    It already sold me. :)