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First of all I want to thank Cynthia for letting me guest on her blog! Cynthia throws an awesome party.

Power of Attraction, book 1 in my Blackstone Haven series releases today. I’m here to share a little insight into my story with you.

There is a subtle rhythm that beats when you read. One you probably don’t even notice it.

From that first word of any book you read it pulls you in and takes you on a journey. Each step gives you various beat that resonate with you. That first blush of meeting and the little catch that you get when you read it. The foray of the characters as they do that dance of seduction which keeps your heart racing as you wonder when will they or will they at all. Then when they do you your pulse skyrockets with each kiss, caress and thrust as they come together. Then you go on the journey of their affair. The up rhythms of them getting to know each other after the sexual encounter. A laugh at their antics which makes your body move in time with them. That little sound you make as something they do pleases you. The humph as they act the fool. The sway as you enjoy this journey that makes you go up then down and all around. When that obstacle comes and your fist clenches while your heart wonders how can they fix this and the tears fall with the person most devastated after that moment. Then ultimately the triumph they get when they overcome it all to be together. Your soul rejoices and you love it. Once done you exhale and that dance is done at least until the next time.

All this is rhythms that comes from within. One that is individual as each of you. No two rhythms you feel are the same. Heck when you reread the book the rhythm changes. I love reading books and how it makes the rhythm of my soul move. And this is what I work for when I write. A rhythm that will resonate in a reader. Make them become part of the fabric of the dance I am creating in my story. Let me share with you the rhythms I feel when I write.

In writing Power of Attraction I felt that rhythm in each word. From the opening scene with Wesley McCarty my hero who fears what is happening to him. His not knowing and fear because of it makes me think of a pounding of drums driving him on. Peyton Blackstone my heroine has a feeling that makes her feel such joy and abandonment that she leaves her home and goes into the forest and dances under the stars. Her rhythm reminds me of a clarinet and sax being played in a duet each trying to get supremacy. But in the end they blend into a harmonious sound. When Wesley and Peyton met under those stars his drums meld with her clarinet and sax to create a sultry melody. Yet it is not to be and reality intrudes with a clash of cymbals taking them apart. Peyton clarinet and sax make sounds that will make you weep as she knows her life is about to change and she has no way of knowing in what way. She has to think of the legacy she must face. Wesley stands with his lone drum making a steady tap, tap as he wonders if he really losing his mind.

As the story progresses I felt the back beat of many rhythms that drives the story. Made it pulse in my soul as I put it on paper. It was a stupendous feeling. I’ve been called everything from writer, author, storyteller and all the in between. I am all those things and so much more. Of all the names I’m called I like to call myself … Rhythm Maker.

Here is a taste of my book.

Power of Attraction Mini Blurb A woman whose destiny has been ordained from birth meets the man who has been prophesied for her–but there is more to him than meets the eye. With prophecies and legacies to fulfill, which way will she go: to a man who may be possibly her mate, or to a dark legacy that could take her life.

Excerpt for Power of Attraction:

Wesley was amused by the look of fury mixed with distress on Ian’s normally affable face. He turned, interested in seeing the person who caused such a reaction. Shocked emerald green eyes stared at him. His heart skipped a beat.

Wesley hungrily took in the woman from the forest. She was real. He wasn’t losing his mind. Unconsciously, he took a step towards her. She backed up a step.

Fury filled him. She had run from him once, and she wasn’t doing it again. With a determined stride, he closed the space between them and grabbed her arm. She tried to shrug him off. He changed his grip and yanked her against his body. A shudder racked him as their bodies touched. The scent of cinnamon and vanilla he had thought he imagined cloyed around them. He felt her shiver in reaction. Her eyes heated then went cool.

A click sounded behind him. Absently, he looked away from her compelling gaze. He stilled at the sight of the gun trained on him. The wrath in the other woman’s amber gaze let him know she was waiting for an excuse to blow him away. Her features, so much like those of the woman he held, told him they were somehow related.

The woman in his arms moved against him. The feel of her soft breasts against his chest drove all sane thought from his mind. He turned and jerked her up into his arms.

“Wrap your legs around me,” Wesley growled.

The woman’s eyes narrowed, but she clamped her legs around his waist.

“Don’t order me around.” Her husky voice stroked along his senses.

He put his face close to hers. “Don’t give me reason to.”

She jerked back. He clamped his hands on her ass to hold her against him. She stilled. Wesley gritted his teeth at the feel of her jean-clad mound against him. His mind flashed to the forest and their kiss. He saw the answering flare in her green gaze.

Copyright © Taige Crenshaw, 2011.
All Rights Reserved, Total E Bound.

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Taige Crenshaw is a multi-published author with books available at Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Liquid Silver Books, Loose Id, and Total-E-Bound. Taige has been enthralled with the written word from time she picked up her first book. It wasn’t long before she started to make up her own tales of romance. With novels set in today, in alternate dimensions, or in the future she writes with adventure, fun sassy heroine’s, and sexy hero’s. Always hard at work creating new and exciting places Taige can be found curled up with a hot novel with exciting characters when she is not creating her own. Join her in the fun, frolic, interesting people and far reaches of the world in her novels. You can find out more about Taige at her website: http://www.taigecrenshaw.com  or blog: http://www.taigecrenshaw.com/blog.

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  1. Cynthia Eden says:

    Thanks for guest blogging, Taige! And congrats on your release!

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    Well – You got my attention ;)! Thanks for such a gripping excerpt.

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    Loved the excerpt! Congrats on your release!

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    Congrats on the release. That excerpt sure got my attention. Got this book noted on my list to buy.

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    Congrats on the release. Thanks for sharing your Rhythm with us.

    in Germany

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    This book sounds interesting, will have to add it to my TBR list.

    Congrats on the release!!!