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So, I like horror movies.  If it’s a Saturday night, I’m either at the movies or I’m home enjoying Sci-Fi Saturday night. (And if you don’t know what Sci-Fi Saturday night is, well, just turn to the Sci-Fi Channel on a Saturday night and you’ll see what you’ve been missing.)  I like these movies. I like the shows about giant alligators, sharks as big as buses, and crazy female mummies who just want their mates. Ah, Sci-Fi Saturday.

And one of my ambitions?  To write a screenplay for the Sci-Fi Channel.  And I now have the perfect story for my screenplay.

You see…scientists have recently discovered proof that a creature known as Titanoboa existed. What?  You don’t know about Titanoboa?  Let me just give you a quote:  “A snake so huge it could swallow a crocodile in one gulp has been unearthed in a coal mine in Colombia.”  Here’s the full article.  Want to see an artist’s rendering of this beastie?  Click away.

So, let me sum up.  A snake that is big enough to eat crocodiles for breakfast (lunch and dinner).  Let’s throw in some cloning or maybe some mining that wakes up a sleeping giant snake–and bam, I have my movie.

So, Sci-Fi…call me.  We’ll work something out.

And, um, has anyone else read any real-life stories like this that make you just go…wow!?

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7 responses to “Sci-Fi Channel…Call me!”

  1. Barb Patrick says:

    Hey Cynthia! It sounds like a good idea to me. I know that I would call you if I worked for the SciFi Channel. Have a good one.

  2. Ashley says:

    Wow, I just read that article on Titanoboa. That would make a great Sci-Fi movie. With your creativity, you’d make everyone forget about Snakes On A Plane and Anaconda. Go for it!

  3. Cynthia Eden says:

    Barb, I totally wish you worked for SciFi! You could give me the hook-up!

    And Ashley, you know you just named two of my favorite movies. Wait–are you asking if I want to get together and watch those this weekend? Sure! I own the DVDs, but I bet you remembered that. :-)

  4. I love horror movies, Cynthia. I also spend my Saturday nights either at the movies or I’m home enjoying Sci-Fi Saturday nights as well. I get nightmares after watching really scary horror movies but I can’t stop watching them no matter what. I also love Anaconda and I’m with Barb and I would totally want to get you to write up a screen play for a TV Sci-Fi movie.

  5. Brandy says:

    I’ve seen some of those movies on Sci-Fi and Chiller on Dish has them, too. *G* They did a movie recently about a giant snake-ish creature who could turn people to stone. *G*
    And the article? My hubs told me about it and at first I thought he was kidding!

  6. Edie says:

    Cindy, I don’t watch horror movies, but if I worked at the Sci Fi channgel, I’d hire you. That’s a great scary premise. Very creepy.

  7. Sheridan says:

    I love watching those Sci-fi movies too in fact right now I’m watching Furnace. lol I’ve been trying to figure out how I can write for them too.