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I am so excited–today is the SCREAM FOR ME release day! SCREAM FOR ME is the third and final book in my dark “For Me” romantic suspense trilogy with Montlake Romance.  I had such a blast writing this book. Though I will confess…SCREAM FOR ME gave me nightmares. It’s the only book that ever scared me when I slept! 😉



Nothing is deeper than the desire they can’t fight—or deadlier than the evil they can’t escape.

They were only supposed to have a professional relationship, but FBI agent Kyle McKenzie has been fantasizing about his sexy partner, Cadence Hollow, from the moment they first moment. It takes the darkest case of their careers to finally bring their hidden desire bubbling to the surface. Once they’re in each other’s arms, though, they swear that nothing short of death will part them. The Night Hunter—a cunning stalker whose four-state, fifteen-year abduction spree began in Paradox, Alabama, with Kyle’s sister—may be only too happy to oblige.

In the small town, Kyle must confront the painful past he’s been hiding from Cadence. Kyle vows to put the Hunter behind bars…or in the ground. But the one thing that obsesses Kyle more than his sister’s grim fate—his furious love for Cadence—is the weapon the Hunter will use to lure his pursuers into the mouth of a murderous trap.




The lovely and talented Kelli Martin (Montlake editor extraordinaire) has made a behind-the-scenes video about SCREAM FOR ME.  So if you’d like to learn more, please check it out!


And here’s a new SCREAM FOR ME excerpt for you:


“I’ll kill you…”

Cadence’s eyes flew open at the low snarl. Her heart was racing, and battle-ready tension had slipped instantly through her whole body as adrenaline spiked her blood.

“I know what you did.”

She was reaching for the gun she’d placed on the nightstand when she realized the low snarl she heard was Kyle’s voice.

I’ll kill you…

Instead of grabbing the gun, she flipped on the lamp. A small pool of light spilled into the room, and she saw Kyle’s tense body.

He was on the floor. Chest bare, the blanket she’d given him shoved to the side. His eyes were closed and his body twisted, shaking.


Apparently, Kyle killed people in his nightmares.

That’s a lot better than what happens to me.

Cadence slipped from the bed. Eased down onto her knees next to him. “Kyle, wake up.” She made sure to keep her voice low and soothing.

He didn’t wake up.

But his movements seemed to become even more frantic.

“I know,” Kyle growled. “You’ll pay.”

“Kyle, it’s just a dream.” Sweat covered his broad shoulders. Dampened his hair. “Wake up.” Her voice was louder.

When he still didn’t respond, Cadence reached out to him.



And, if you missed the second book in the trilogy (FEAR FOR ME) it is on sale for just $1.99 during the month of February.

After all, February isn’t just for a month for candy…it’s for killers, too. So why not enjoy some romantic suspense?

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  1. Tina B says:

    Loved the excerpt!
    That video was AWESOME!! I haven’t read this yet, but she makes me want to drop everything and pick it up right away!
    Thank you for your AMAZING stories, Cynthia!

  2. Viki S. says: