Setting the Mood Back to Blog

It’s supposed to storm down here in Mobile today. “Severe weather”–that’s what the friendly morning weather guy just said. And, frankly, I’m kind of looking forward to the rain, to the wind, and, yes, even the thunder. I write better when it rains. I don’t know why, I just do. I write faster, I focus easier, and I tend to even feel better about the pages I write.

Now, since I don’t typically go outside and do rain-dances to produce my optimal weather writing conditions, I have to try and set a writing mood in other ways. Usually, I do a few of the followings things to try and get in the right writing frame of mind:

1. Eliminate all distractions–ummm…this would mainly be the TV. Last night, I was trying to edit a submission that I want to send to TOR. My husband and baby were in the living room, and I wanted to stay with them–you know, I was trying to get some in-the-same-room family time while still getting some work done. So, while little Jack slept, Nick watched the premier of Sopranos, and I sat next to them both, trying to focus on my vampire story.

I kept getting distracted. I would edit a page or two, then catch myself looking up to see what Tony was doing. I’d edit a bit more, then glance up in time to see someone die. Edit more…glance up…see a splash of blood.

Oh, yeah…I definitely didn’t set the scene right last night. I did get my story edited, but it took a huge force of will (and I tend to have a weak, weak will). Anyway…next time, Sopranos will be off (or at least I’ll be in another room).

2. Play some soothing music. While the TV distracts me, the right music can completely focus me. Classical music works well for me. But so does the not-so-classical Buffy Once More With Feeling soundtrack. And, of course, there’s the Scorpion King CD. (Hmmm…can you say eclectic?) Sometimes, what I’m writing will actually predict the music I need. If I’m in an intense, emotional scene, give me classical music. If I’m doing a lot of action and suspense, give me a hard and fast beat.

3. Comfort. I have to find a comfortable seat to write. My cushy sofa. My leather desk chair (ooohh…how long has it been since I got to use that???). My recliner. Any place that’s comfortable will work for me.

Well, those are a few of my scene-setting necessitites. If I can get them…well, then mentally, I’m more primed to write. Anyone else have a good recipe for setting the “write” mood?

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