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Update:  Thank you to everyone who entered my contest and helped me to spread the word about THE BETTER TO BITE!  I randomly picked the winners based on all of the entries, and the following commenters were selected:

$25 gift card – Mindy Nabors

$50 gift card – Rana Adams

$100 gift card –Heather Coulter

Congratulations to the winners!!

The release of ANGEL IN CHAINS is just over two weeks away, so I will definitely be back soon to post more giveaways! Stay tuned! 

My first young adult paranormal romance, THE BETTER TO BITE, is now available (yay!).  It is a 60,000 word novel that is on sale for $2.99 (Amazon Kindle digital release).  When I released HOWL FOR IT a few months back, I hosted a “sharing” contest here on the blog. I asked folks to help me spread the word about that book, and–wow!–the response was amazing! So I thought we would try one of those contests again. 😉  (ANGEL IN CHAINS is releasing on 11/27/12, and I’m planning for more giveaways then, too! November will have lots of prizes.)

So…would you like to help me spread the word about THE BETTER TO BITE?  Here’s how it will work–every time that you spread the word about THE BETTER TO BITE, you will be entered in a contest for the following prizes:

$100 gift card

$50 gift card

$25 gift card

(Are you sensing a gift card trend? I asked readers what they would like to win–and gift cards were the things people listed the most. With the holidays coming, it makes sense to me!)

Now, how do you spread the word? There are lots of ways.  I want to makes things as easy as possible. For the sharing fun, here’s the cover for my book:



You can share the cover on your blog, on Twitter, on Facebook–even on Pinterest.  Every time you share, that’s counted as an entry (just come back and post in the comments section so I know what you’ve done).  You can chat about the book on Facebook, tweet info about it (even if you aren’t sharing the cover).  Any place/time you spread the word about the book–that’s an entry. Simply tell me how/where you’ve shared in the comments section, and you are entered!

I would very much like to give a huge THANK YOU to all who would like to help me spread the word!!! Your help is appreciated more than I can say!!!

This contest will run until noon (Central time) on Sunday, November 11, 2012. (If you share/post on different days–those do all count as different entries.)  If you have any questions, please ask!  Again–thank you! Thanks to those who want to participate in my Spread The Word event!



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    I shared on fb Thank you for the give away :)

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    I sent off an e-mail letting some of my friends know about your book. 😀

  5. Sorry my shares are so late today! Took my little guy to see a Christmas show in New York

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    :) Congrats again on the new release! Can’t wait until the 27th for Angel in chains