I’ve got special news for readers…a free book!!

For a limited time, THE GATHERING DUSK is free at all major ebook retailers.


Don’t miss the heart-pounding prequel novella to bestselling author Cynthia Eden’s new Killer Instinct series!

When untried FBI profiler Samantha Dark is face-to-face with a killer, there’s no room for fear. Her best weapon is her instincts. Those same dark impulses that allow her to get inside the mind of a murderer, to locate victims—or to pull the trigger before she’s next. She can’t afford to have those instincts clouded by anything…especially her far-too-sexy new partner.

Former SEAL Blake Gamble plays everything by the book. Except, of course, when it comes to the increasingly simmering attraction between them. But when a vengeful serial killer targets them both, Samantha once again reaches into the sinister, shadowed part of herself. Even as she begins to fear that the only way to catch this killer is to become one…

Look for After the Dark, the first in the Killer Instinct series, from HQN Books!


I am very excited to launch my new “Killer Instinct” series with HQN.  For the Killer Instinct titles, the main characters will all have deep, intimate connections to serial killers. The killers could be their family members, their friends, or even their lovers. Just what happens to a person who is so closely tied to a killer? You can find out in the books…

Books in the “Killer Instinct” series published by HQN:

THE GATHERING DUSK – Prequel novella
AFTER THE DARK – Book 1 (Coming on March 28th!)

In addition, there are two Harlequin Intrigue novels that are set in the same Killer Instinct “world” for readers:

ABDUCTION – Available in February of 2017
HUNTED – Available in June/July of 2017


THE GATHERING DUSK is a prequel novella for the “Killer Instinct” series…it’s a bonus to show readers the characters in an earlier phase…before savage life events come along and change who they are.  People aren’t always good or bad, and you can see that truth in this novella.  You’ll meet FBI agents Samantha Dark and her partner Blake Gamble, and you can get to know them before the release of their full-length novel, AFTER THE DARK.

I hope you enjoy the free novella!

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