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It’s Saturday night, and I’m sitting in my comfy recliner, laptop on my…um, well, lap…Jack’s sleeping in his swing. Nick’s gone to a party (Oh, no, I’m not jealous! Really). And I’m…editing. I’m doing my line-edits for The Wizard’s Spell.

And, honestly, I’m having a pretty good time. I absolutely love the editing style of ImaJinn’s editor, Linda Kichline. She’s really great, and I always feel like she takes pains to make sure my writing voice stays completely intact when she suggests changes. I’m zipping through the edits she has for me, zooming straight through Microsoft Track Changes–and I’m remembering why I liked this story so much last year.

I finished up The Wizard’s Spell after a pretty painful time in my life (don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the details), and the book was a good release for me. I immersed myself in the story. Wrote pretty much constantly for a month–as soon as I came in from my then day job, I would write until it was time for bed. And then I sent my little paranormal off.

That’s actually one of the reasons why I like writing so much–writing takes me away. Let’s me forget my woes and go to a whole new world. I really like that.

But, well, I guess I’d better get back to my editing.

And I’ll post an excerpt from The Wizard’s Spell soon.

Oh, and Michelle–if you’re reading this–I haven’t forgotten about my recommended werewolf reads–I’ll post those very soon, promise!

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2 responses to “The Wizard’s Spell”

  1. Michelle Diener says:

    Of course I’m reading this :) Take your time, I just got in a whole lot of research books for my next WIP, so I’ve got plenty to keep me busy until your list gives me some new great reads.

  2. Cynthia Eden says:

    Have fun with those research books! I sure always do!