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I have big book news to share with you! I’ve got a brand new paranormal romance that is AVAILABLE NOW! I had a bit of extra time in my writing schedule, and I really, really wanted to release a new paranormal romance for my readers before Halloween…so…UNDEAD OR ALIVE was written.




Don’t fear Death. Desire him.

Cassius “Cass” Garvan is the last Reaper. One of the baddest of the bad…Cass can literally kill with a touch. He’s the bounty hunter who always brings in his prey, undead or alive. This time, he has a new target…the all-too-tempting Amber Fortune. Hunting her down was the easy part. Giving her up? Cass isn’t so sure that he can let her go.

Amber has been on the run for decades, and she isn’t about to surrender herself to the Reaper. Sure, maybe she does have a weakness for bad boys. Maybe she does like guys who have dark sides—and a man can’t get darker than Death. And when Cass kisses her, she doesn’t fear his touch. She wants him. Wanting a Reaper can be a very dangerous thing.

When Amber finds herself trapped with the Reaper for forty-eight hours, she knows that she is in for the most dangerous time of her very long life. If she hopes to escape the torment coming her way, then Amber has to convince Cass to let her escape. Does Death have a heart? Amber is about to find out. She’ll use every trick in her playbook to get Cass on her side. But even as she works to seduce him, Amber has to be very careful and not let Cass break through her control. Because everyone knows…

Once you fall for Death, there is no turning back.


You can read an excerpt from UNDEAD OR ALIVE here.


So, in case you are curious about the order for the “Bad Things” series, it goes like this:




BROKEN ANGEL – Book 4 (because of the UNDEAD OR ALIVE surprise release, the book # was changed on this one).

All of the books in this series are complete, stand-alone reads.

Happy Halloween!!!!

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