Deadly Days of Summer Sharing Instructions

<img src="" alt="Cynthia Eden’s Deadly Days of Summer. Join Cynthia Eden at her blog for a non-stop summer party. When: Jun1-August 1, 2010. What: Great guest authors, fabulous prizes, &amp; a fun time. Where: This summer will be long, hot &amp; deadly." width="400" height="600" border="0" usemap="#ddosMap" /><map name="ddosMap" id="ddosMap"><area shape="rect" coords="228,323,355,533" href="" alt="Deadly Fear" /><area shape="rect" coords="271,550,361,589" href="" alt="Share" /><area shape="rect" coords="47,321,173,531" href="" alt="I’ll Be Slaying You" /></map>

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