Which Angel Are You?

Angel of DarknessAngel Betrayed

When an angel falls for a vampire, all hell breaks loose.

In ANGEL OF DARKNESS, the hero is a fallen angel. Keenan lost his wings when he was tempted and fell for Nicole St. James, a vampire. Before his fall, Keenan wasn’t exactly Mr. Goodness and Light; instead, he was an Angel of Death, a being well acquainted with the dark side.

If you were an angel, would you be like Keenan? An Angel of Death? Or do you have a more gentle, nurturing spirit—maybe you’d be a Guardian? Of course, you could always be the type that longs to balance good and evil in the world, the kind who wants to seek justice…and vengeance. You could be a Punishment Angel.

Ah…so many angels, so little time. So hurry, take the quiz and find out just which type of angel you’d be…

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When you hear someone screaming for help you:

When it comes to humans, you think:

Your favorite holiday movie is:

Your favorite holiday song is:

Your favorite TV Show is:

If you were a superhero, your weakness would be:

When it comes to love, you think: